Monday, 31 December 2012

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 its seems rare but true you can actually make a decent money with just your mobile phone be it black berry or smartphones you can make money with them.


  In his article you will learn how to start an run a lucrative profit yielding business with just your phone.
  its true i recommended a computer system for a successful business but haven seen many entrepreneur doing nothing just because they haven't yet secured a computer through the methods i provided due to some reason or the other like lack or out of work,thin job listing and lack of capital to  invest.

  still simple and easy, here at abode business we have scoured the earth for solid business ideas one can start with just a mobile phone and a gmail account in other words with low capital .also you could get on the way if you absolutely have to.

  also a computer will  work in this business ideas. you don't need them for just with your phone you can start,its time to go out there and make money for the economy is waiting

   For some time now after the manufacture of mobile phones it was only seen  as a tool for ,text messaging and other mobile service product until it was discovered that it can be used o access the internet,with other features include, opportunity for business is at its maximum. but it still marvels me that all this feature are day to day growing and is worth over millions of dollars yet have not been seen by some entrepreneurs

 beside from the known features of mobile phone like making calls,sending texts,chats e.t.c is another way with which we can make money even as a worker,student and graduates, this features and business ideas can put food on the table(100 percent guaranted.

The number of GSM users is growing rapidly and one cant deny this a gold mine as you can make money with your phone from the comfort of your homes. i show yo how-

  please read- list of business you can start with low capital
   many complained of no money i don't know about you but here is your chance to turn the tide and make decent money with your mobile phone.think about it- how any times did you recharge your phone in a day? how much do you spend on your phone? then multiply it with the number of GSM users in Nigeria, well i guess you know the answer but we don't know how to make money out of this figure . Well to have been able to read this post you will learn how to put meal on the table with just your mobile phone


   1. Mobile third party reseller
   2.gain from others  calls/personal phone service operator
   3. writer           grapher advertiser
   6.victual assistant support service
   9.personal couch sale

One is assured to make money just with a mobile phone with this above mentioned process,


      we can start a carer as a writer just with our mobile phone duo it was for long considered a full hardy to start a writing career without a computer i don't personally advice to wait why there are ways to make money as a writer  with your phone.
  blogging is a good way to start from.
major (if not all) phones have blogging platform like word press tumblr also ordinary 3G or 3.5G phones can access Google thereby using it blogging platform (blog spot) and can make post easily. another lucrative not yet competitive way to make money as a writer is through CELL PHONE NOVELS -here in Nigeria and Africa its still not that known so it post a great business opportunity to make money and one can write and distribute a whole entire novel via cell phone.


     then video production was tedious and time,strength,energy and money consuming as one has to fill a van with equipment and move it from one location to another alongside large number of crews in other to succeed for a day shot. now pocket video cameras have made it possible to record and also edit videos as most phones come with major video editing features so start video coverage and get paid also one can upload and monetize videos on YouTube and get paid.

ADVERTISING-also money can be made through mobile advertising, all is needed is to get a client get paid and place advert and banner for them on the web as there are free online websites that offers free advert and banner placement eg- Google trader, ad-trader e.t.c


    almost all needs assistant in one form  or the other you can make money  as a peon through your mobile phone you can sign up for a virtual assistant job and make money.


      -one can setup a mobile online accessible website that answers all tech support questions from strangers in exchange for a fee

All this above listed ideas can make bounty of income for you, the different between you and the web made rich billionaires is information and the right to apply those information,but i believe you're not just a reader but also quick to action. start any of this and make   for yourself.

For the detailed details on this ideas  please
drop a comment for they are most welcomed or better still subscribe to our news letter for better knowledge and conversation between us

Merry xmas an happy nee year in advance.


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