Its through you have a successful business one that you boost of, one that keeps food on the table, yeah you also make an income from it , yes but is that really the stage you want to operate , do you want to  attain a higher level or do you want just to make the little that your making? If yes then you have to consider this post on the 3 keys to keep your business running. It  guarantee your business healthy future  just as a car needs this to keep running so also you need this essential keys to keep you business running.
What are this keys to keep this said business of yours running, well its something you might know something or something you might have come across well the thing there is that you needs it  and mind you this 3 keys was written and composed buy ikoi abode ikenna, and in such was as a result of great research conducted on both small and large business. Without wasting your time the first key is:
Ideas I love it. Great, rich and great men the world ever witnessed all archived this greatness just because of the ideas the had, and ideas as defined by the English dictionary means  a thought or suggestion about  a possible cause of action – it’s a mental impression a belief and the aim of purpose. If you have read my previous post I talked about aim and purpose and as you can see from the above definition that ideas when put into business will not only be inevitable tool that will guarantee success  cause if new ideas is being brought into a business then  the business will not only survive but the business will also stay above all odds and above average- ideas they say is the only factor needed to start up a business every other thing is capital(money). I don’t know if you agree with this  caused I have made use of this same key when I sent a proposal for bulksms to a company , yes and that was in my start up stage, I have no money but only have ideas that I forwarded to the company, knowing freely well that with big companies that have long existed  before mine but just the ideas that I presented to the company made them consider me before others.
The same applies to business, are you into production, marketing or any sort of business  you need is business  ideas that your competitors don’t have crew and you will be above them, generate new ideas  to present under your companies name and your business will continue to strive  in good health. to your customers all you need to win them in is your irritable ideas and they forever pay for those ideas
Do you know you can start a business with just an idea, I will talk about it in my next post, only if you demand for it through  your honest comments on how you feel about this blog.
Even a newbie in business knows the important of a good and proper finance management , also one must know that for a business  to keep running requires a proper management  of finance and for your business to manage it finance one must be     
For one to manage his business finance  one must be disciplined in the area of finance to be able to manage his resources and thus keep his business running for good, also one must have focus , focus is also essential for the good management of finance in a business cause without a good well define focus vies about the  said business will be vague and will guarantee retardation of the business  due to the mismanagement of funds.
Also saving of  fund  in preference  to business is also important for a proper management in the issue of finance.
Like I said early in my previous post that the first stage of a business star up is the imagination and good imagination produces a good result and every stage is a growth and every  growth is a result , so for a business to keep running one must learn how to grow and how to obtain a desired result easily and in a shortest possible time. Read my previous post and remember to revisit  or register to receive weekly updates on business ideas you can start and how to start them and how to maintain and keep them running.

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Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.