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       The season is running of and I know you want to make more money much as I do, so in this respect I’ve decided to give out my list of lucrative business that pays back in short period so that you can select and start any one that works best for you, but please after selection email me in request to info to the one you selected as it guarantee money to you this year. I will still in my own post  dish out all the required information on all this business ideas as I have limitless info on all of them, is true that I cant just post all of this info in one single post and due to the frequent call I receive from  prospective clients on  small business that they can start and will gain profit back in short run, I have decided to give this list out but be rest assured that I will detail out information with contacts necessary to the business ideas still you can keep track on my new post by subscribing here and registering with this site you will be updated with all this-

            Important: read every word in this post as  it guarantee success and you shall look back at this  day and smile cause  mark success in your life
           Tip: all this list is actually mark a point only if you let it do call as we not leave any stone unturned in helping you

Now talking about this business ideas list that am giving out, its not a business that am guessing will give you money neither is it one that I composed just for your reading pleasure? No rather this ideas I have worked on and also have many clients into most of them, like the perfume making business and the soap making business I myself is into it , the printing press and exercise book business my business mentor is into it (MR KINGSELY), many  Nigeria know him, also the bulksms I have my self and 5 most clients in this business all doing well, is it the recharge card business that my company GENIUS GLOBAL COMMUNICATION is a dealer with sub-dealers under  they will testify on this click here.
So my dear most valued this list of business am giving out is not just for your reading pleasure but for the sole purpose of helping you become independent as it is the most needed in this present day economy “financial security” even as a student, house wife, civil servant, manual worker, graduate, a school drop out, or any category you find your self in.

     As a graduate you have searched for jobs without getting one even with your first class certificate, it doesn’t matter start one or more of this business and be rest assured of decent income and even stand a chance to employ that manager that denied you job. It’s not a dream this business can actually pay you more than your certificate can pay you. The same applies to postgraduates, dropouts, house wife or even the ordinary you.
      There is this things we fall to understand even as a graduate or even a worker being paid  a thousand hundred  with all the allowances ranging from housing to health allowances still don’t stand a chance to financial security and in such worth less  to the  advantage of starting and running your own business.

      Am not saying they aren’t good but they guarantee no security one working for the government, one working for an employer has no financial security cause his always running the risk o loosing his job than  to one starting and running his business  cause it guarantee financial  security also with the opportunity  of employing others.

        Consider this if one has a means of securing financial security and still employ others why then will one be limited and get employed by others and stand the fate of financial insecurity. Another good advantage of starting and running your own business is the privilege of making decisions and work in your own comfortable time unlike working 6-9 for an employee making money for him you have also the privilege to work and keep all of the profit to your self. You might as well consider the disadvantages of working for someone else:

Your are paid just enough to keep you working from 6-9 but never what you really worth to the business, also as an employee you on the 45 year plan, you start young and as you work and gain more experience your income will rise then hit a plateau and fall dramatically on retirement  but in business, they are the only really wealthy people  who earn through the efforts of others and have their money  with large network of  products and services and on the other hand business man can see his earnings grow and continues growing even after retirement or can even sell his business for a substantial amount.

      I don’t know which category you like to stand for but for me I will choose to be  financially secured  and if am to advice you please do the same for the era of  white collar jobs employment has passed otherwise create one for yours self. Without wasting much of your time  lets consider this business  ideas that can put money  in your pocket, also consider 

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                          3 Keys to keep your business running

This business ideas can help you and completely change your life for the better, also I want you to know that it doesn’t matter your current position or that you don’t have the capital or machinery to start up this  business  as I will help you with any choice  and show you the way other of my clients started. Even if its manufacturing a product for there are legal established company that are willing to assist you, this company are willing to help you through the use of there machinery  and you wont have to pay for this you will be producing your products with their equipments but the product will be under your company’s name. I will help with this company should in case you choose a manufacturing business but don’t have the chicaneries.  The Nigerian industrial and manufacturing sector accounts for 25% of the Nigerian gross domestic products (GDP) and with manufacturing capacity utilization remaining below 35% for the past years the opportunity is limitless so if you’re willing am ready to help you break through and put your entrepreneur skill to work.

List of lucrative business one can start with little capital

Fruit production business
Pure water production
Liquid soap production
Cold water starch
Exercise book production
Designers perfume production
Bakery business
Yoghurt production
Insecticide manufacture
Household items production
Leather belt manufacturing
Caustic soda production
Kerosene/gas supply business
Foam production
Air fresher, disinfectant & dettol production
Maternity wears
Shoe polish production
Stationary products production
Balm & bleach production
Custard production
Chocolate production
Agricultural businesses like:
garri processing , fish, goat, grass cutter, quell, rabbit, turkey rearing business , bee keeping, poultry farming, cocoa plantation, plantain and banana plantation, melon farming, plantain flour, frozen chicken production and delivery palm tree plantation business, vegetable farming, processing and export business.
Computer center business,
Cyber cafe business
Computer game lounge
Printing press
ICT training business
Kitchen utensils sales business
Candle production business
Nylon production business
 Ice block business
Frozen fish depot business
Day care business
Business school.

      This list contains much potential that generate money so carefully go through them again and select the one or ones that works for you.

  I will still be here to help you out and also to answer any of your questions.

 Please do also leave a post or comment about how you feel about this post.


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