Friday, 7 December 2012

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Visa card
 A necessity for online shopping
        Visa card is a product of visa inc. a global payments technology company headquartered in San Francisco California. Visa card issued by financial institutions and can be used as a debit or credit , a bank account or credit account it consist of a 16 digit unique numbers with a three digits security code , issued month and year and expiring month and year, all this information is used whenever you need to do online transaction
       Why I write this post you may wonder besides is not Wikipedia – yes you are right but I just want to tell you the necessity of visa card as in owning a visa card in this computerized world of ours.
      In this article you will be learning uses of visa card and in above all how to secure one for your self. I remember  am supposed to be telling and saying much about howwith ideas of business and how to start one but hey- almost   every business transaction is now done online  and in such if you must succeeds in business of today you must have a visa card. Visa card is a necessity as it can be use for

-       Online payments

-       Receiving of payments online.

       It uses continues to grow, before continue in on this page have you read my previous post on  computer if not click this link to view clickhere, as you will discover why as a business man you need computer.
     With visa card in your hand the world opens to you, in other words with your business having an access to an activated visa card the world opens up for it. With more than 24 billion places across the world accepting visa you can use your visa card instead of cash to pay for everyday purchases- in the above mentioned previous post of mine I laid out how an average level man  can own a computer from all over the globe. After that post I received call from clients and prospective clients complaining of not having a medium of payments. I must say I screwed up by not making mention of it in that post of mine, any way that’s what  prompted this post as I will provide  all the details you need, again its not a must that you securing a visa card doesn’t necessary mean you must shop online cause even if you are shopping in a grocery store, dinning at a restaurant, filling your car with petrol and buying a perfect gift on your travels. also visa card is perfect for you as you can see from above that you are limitless with it.


Now lets  consider how you can secure one for your self, lets look at Nigeria how you can obtain a visa card here in Nigeria, mainly there is three types of  e-payments card here in Nigeria,

We have the           - zenith bank web surfer

                                -   Uba  Africard
-       stand alone prepaid visa card

the first and the second is nice just that there are certain strings attached to it that makes many dislike it, like the first  you will have to pay $120 us dollar and after activation $20 dollars will be deducted and when you will want to recharge it you will have to do it but only in dollars but I want us to focus on the latter one  the stand alone visa card- its ideal and unique in many ways – its not attached to any bank account, its just rechargeable and in naira  just like SIM cards, I once doubted this but haven used it for my online transaction  I taught it wise to share it with you, its secured  and you wont have to worry about losing your bank account details to strangers. Again i have made efforts to proffer solutions to this situation and here again you can obtain a secure and activated visa card for just #1000. below is information about the company that issued me this prepaid visa card for the came amount,


   Genius global communication is a telecommunication that’s into

Website designing

Web hosting


Recharge card printing business

Visa card reselling

Logo and all graphic design.

  This company issue secure standalone visa card to any one that sole desire just for a give away price of #1000. There card is:
Globally accepted
Has unique security feature
Can be recharged in almost all banks in Nigeria
Can be recharged in naira
Its affordable.
There are many affordable and cheap product ranging from computers, home gadgets, phones etc online that you can buy and forever be happy you bought them so now is time to start shopping.
Go ahead and get your self a visa card today call 
08096730085 or


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