Tuesday, 22 January 2013

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it never pays for a business  to stand alone
   Here in this article I will be talking about co-operative body, what’s co-operative body, benefit of co-operative organizations?

Some business has for long startup all by the owner’s ideas, principle, struggle and wealth. Some business only exist on one to two man basics which is fair only to some point, as some certain knowledge about the said business is off limit to both men at that point in time so at risk, a business that is run on trial and error is not likely to come above one that is run on general but professional knowledge which can only come from people in the same business and this is where the co-operatives comes in. you starting up a business I believe is not just to make money or impress your self, I believe is a business that will thrive well even in your absent and its through the help of co-operative organization.

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  Firstly lets consider what is co-operative organization—co-operative organization or enterprise is an association (note the word) of people who voluntarily come together to carry out activities and services meant to be equitably and collectively promote their economic and social well being of themselves and their business( I suggest you repeat this part).

      A co-operative operates with collective effort as it is meant to promote the economic and social welfare of its members in an equitable (also note the word) manner.
   For a business man or woman to upgrade and continually update and expand his business borders to an envious extent he is obligated to join a co-operative body in his business niche.

  The first registered co-operative organization in the world is ROCHDALE EQUITABLE PIONEERS SOCIETY, in 1844 in Manchester England and since then many have sprained up in different countries in different states under different business niche. Basically co-operative enterprise is manly made up of business men and women with the best interest of their business at heart, and it has helped them to expand their business with success.

Benefits of a co-operative organization to it members

This co-operative helps their members to finance, register their business name, and also helps with their business activities through pulling together of resources

-       it gives members sense of belonging and makes them feel important through their equity principle
-       Co-operative provides goods and services for members at relatively cheap cost.
-       They also allow their members the benefits of ownership and control of production facilities
-       Co-operative act as agencies for economic and social development of members.
-        Cooperatives enhance mutual relationship among members.

There are many benefits but I will stop here to make room for your contributions
You can use our comment box bellow to post your own contribution or you can also do that using our chat box. Post your own benefits of co-operative societies and for those of us that already belong to one or two co-operative societies please give crews on how entrepreneurs can join. Thanks in advance.

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