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     In our previous post on co-operative organization we learnt what a co-operative organization means and its importance to individuals, business, government and the country at large.
Now we have dug deep again and we are happy to bring you the good news about how to join a co-operative organization .
 Let’s consider our country Nigeria and Enugu state for instance.
Co-operative organizations in Enugu state.
Expectations and requirements

·         Stable government policies regarding co-operative sectors
·         Consultation before decisions concerning the sector are taken i.e would like for decision taken to start from the grass root.
·         More public awareness on the role of co-operative society can play.
·         Affiliation with international bodies  for more development.
·         Government to build skills acquisition centers and establish more co-operative collages for students., farmers as need for farming equipments like tractors,, also fertilizers , loans and grants from government to boost farm output.
·         Co-operative activities in Enugu are noted to be very organized and well established.
·         They operate like registered business, and pool resources to secure and execute contracts awarded.
·         Have the highest cash contribution in each meeting ranging between #2000- 200,000.
·         Registration fee is usually #2000
·         Rich members sometimes lend money to other members in need without any interest.
·         Send members on training both locally and internationally.
·         Organize practical field training.


·         FADAMA farmers co-operative society, a federal government initiative for farmers that produce vegetables, also poultry and pig farmers. they  enjoy grants from the federal government.

·         UNION MOTHERS this is a group of married women from the same town

·         NKEREFI YOUTHS  for the youth of the village

·         GOD IS ABLE young poultry managers their interest lies on the growth of individual members.

·         LAPO ( LIFT ABOVE POVERTY) this group are into different business, it has served co-operative options. Members are engaged in diverse trading activities, membership cut across different age groups.

·         PECULIAR LADIES this are young unmarried ladies, they mainly travel abroad to purchase goods in bulk and sell to retailers sometimes sell on credits to retailers.

·         EZI-OYI this is a group of friends from different works  sectors.

·         CONSUMER CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY this groups engage in the sale of consumable goods mainly edibles

·         YOUNG SHALL GROW for youths who are into petty trading, the  age band is between 18-30.

·         ALFA this ia a professional group of artist(fine arts)

·         PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY manufacture of goods like paints and soaps

·         MARKETING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY for those that market other peoples goods, profit made is shared amongst members

·         DIBU-UGWU these are women ho not indigenes of Enugu but married to Enugu indigenes

·         TRADE UNION association of traders, their criteria for membership  is shop ownership . there is no age limit and one can sell anything.

Like in the above list you will discover that there are co-operative society perfect for your niche of business, your age, dream and registering with one is easy and simple. Dou the above is for  Enugu state Nigeria an sure the likes is in other sate and country.

This list is subject to change, if I missed any or you want to add any I will be happy you do so by using the bellow comment box.
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