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I know you might be wondering what I meant by my title  business to business but believe me there is no better combinations or bond as one between like materials, people, business, company e.t.c to another.
We entrepreneurs seems to get carried away with the effort of making business work, making ways and creating avenues for generating revenues that we often care less if we bound to; who we get our business connected to? Does it really matter? Who I relate to does it really affect my business, does it makes me any better or lesser to my business aims and goals? It’s understandable to ask this question but tell me your experience in business in connection to friendship (do use our comment box to add yours) through life of trial and error of great people, of world changers am happy to confide in you that the process,the success and future of your business life depends on the contact you make, the people you connect to and the friends you make.


We are familiar with this proverbs much that we are now overlook it but hey friend, its important than you can ever imagine. You may again ask why I border about your connection, contacts and friends if they know nothing about my business or my business plan.
Yes but consider this story, a story you are familiar with may be as a kid it was thought by our teachers or parents but as a story to know only as religion demands, and we are yet to grab the best as a business man.
  Jonah as we  all know was given a message to carry across to Nineveh ,but due to disobedience and lack of wisdom  he decided to go the opposite direction to tarshish,(here is what you need)he went down to port of Joppa to board a ship , there  some wealthy business men made contacts with him and together boarded the same  ship, and headed to tarshish, while on the ship a violent storm threatened to break the ship apart (why because of Jonah) the business men with their goods were forced to through their cargo, goods and wealth’s over board just to lighten the ship.
  Believe me many of this business men that threw their cargo over board became poor and lived in penury thereafter, many also took their own life and many were also thrown to jail for the money the borrowed that was never recovered because of the contact and connection they made with jonah.
Well you may say that is just a coincidence that all this happened or its just ill luck for the business men, this may be will be your judgement but consider that of Abraham a well established business man heading for success, success was prophesied, success was seen all around him but he never achieved or saw the long prophesied success early, (it took him a whole 24 years) why? Because of his connection, contact and friendship with lot. he only achieved success in his business and life only when he cut the rope of friendship between him and lot (when they separated).
  This stories duo thousands of years is still applicable in today world of business, this stories is still seen around as I have received testimonies after sharing this institutional discoveries with my clients. So dear for your business to prosper you must be cautious of your contacts and connection thus separate yourself from non- business oriented individuals, many have used their money to buy tickets and have therefore boarded the ship of business like you have but with no goods like Jonah and you mustn’t let them make you throw your goods over board rather threw them over board.
Like in my previous post we made it clear that for a business man to succeed he needs to belong to a cooperative organization.
  Dear, wise men associate with wiser men and in such business men associate with already established business men. Your success depends on it.

   Show me your business partner/friend and I will show you the success of your business
Friendship, family or any other bond does not determine good partnership in business so does neither determine success in business, if you can’t beat them join them doesn’t just  work in business  as you can’t win a business ill luck individual over it just doesn’t work separate yourself don’t waste your time trying to win anybody over.

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