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Many business today have bankrupt not because he lack planning or principles but because the fail to save properly and so fail to spend but expend.
It has been discovered buy my crew and I that certain business all over the world both ones in start up stage, and the already thriving ones  are loosing heavily due to expenditure, many business remain a baby business, not growing, not making profit due to their mode of expenditure.
 Ignorant this  expenditure rule has caused more harm than good to business all over
 Are you planning to start up a business , is your business not still up to your expectation or do you desire to dominate the world of business the here is the solution. Consider our findings and rule “ THE EXPENDITURE RULE”


 If one must spend the expense must be ordinary and necessary.

 ORINARY EXPENDITURE an ordinary expense is one `that is accepted in ones niche or business

NECESSARY EXPENDITURE is one that is helpful and appropriate for your trade of business.
 To explain this above motion more and clear , “one must spend not expend”
To expend means spent or use up ( a resources or money) but
To spend means pay out (money) to buy or hire goods or services
Go over the two definitions and use our comment box to tell me what you think

Spend as the meaning implied has its business advantage to expend. If one desires to be successful in business one then mustn’t use up  its resources to be successful but can spend the resources.

Even if spending on business ground and motive one mustn’t spend above earnings in other words our spending shouldn’t exceed earning.

  Business men never fail to spend but successful business men never fail to spent to earn above heir spends. (note the difference)
·         Only spend to earn the business life of CARLOS SLIM  the worlds richest man illustrates this rule, he is the highest spender but always cautious of spending he only spend where he will earn.

 So if one must attain greatness in business one must spend only to earn and in such separates his personal needs from that of his business.

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