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Liquid Soap

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 learn how to produce quality liquid soap one one practical

In this article we will be learning how to make money producing liquid soap, the market for liquid soap is growing and is still growing and location is not a detriment to its highly demand as there are people, households, churches, schools, laundry, hospitals around to patronize your products. So in the end you will learn all you need and will be able to produce good quality liquid soaps.

The liquid soap production business is among the business ventures you can start conveniently today and generate a lifetime streams of income from it. Some folks call it liquid cleaning soap, at the same time others understand it as liquid detergent. However irrespective of the unique perceptions or names given to the product, Liquid cleaning soap is one of the generally used and a consumed household product in all places the world. We all buy and make use liquid soap for our washing and laundry desires. Items and equipment like kitchen utensils, clothes and even the body will also be washed with liquid soaps.

Liquid soap as a washing agent is fast dominating the use detergents in West Africa. You are sure of earning pretty cash producing liquid soap, when you consider that the demand for the liquid cleaning soap like every other type of washing agent are highly needed thus its demand can never come down as long as men and women residing on this planet as we all need to wash. All want a washing agent of which the liquid soap is one among such is now in large demand. How can one seize in, into this opportunity that abounds within the liquid soap production company? Don’t fail to remember that this business doesn’t require big capital. It may be started on a small-scale and regularly grow to a big scale.



One intriguing thing that makes the demand for liquid soap to be on an awfully high side is that it is less complicated to make use of than other washing products like the tablet soaps and the powdered detergents. In Nigeria such as, the Mama Lemon is a very preferred liquid soap used in many households, eating places, lodges, banks, workplaces, hospitals, firms, small business and many other purchaser spots.

For the sake of this text, I’ll cautiously walk you through the steps concerned in the production of liquid soap without having any need for elaborate industrial machines and equipment. You could without difficulty do this for your condominium or any other place. It is vitally easy if you comply with the due strategies and procedures. The ingredients required to produce liquid soaps are not far-fetched and are surprisingly cheap. Therefore, you do not have to have thousands of cash to this trade. With a somewhat little sum of money on your fingers, you can start up a liquid soap production business start earning your living from it.

You don’t have to bother about marketing; there are a lot of ways to market your liquid soap.

There are always celebration of one sought or the other all year round and in other to keep up a high hygienic environment liquid soap is preferred to other cleaning methods, it is used in bathing, doing laundry's, watching of toilets, kitchen and other house hold equipment.


The challenge is moderate




In production consider quality.


Liquid soap is used for cleaning of kitchen, motor vehicles, toilet, bathroom, clothes etc

It is also useful in all daily domestic cleanliness of our environment.


1.nitrosol,antisol , cmc or pac-r ( one can be used in replace of any)

2.stpp(soduim tripoly phosphate)

3.soda ash



6.sulfuric acid


8. Colorant.


Liquid soap production is easy but production of quality liquid soap matters as that alone will make your customers want more.

In other to help you start like a pro we have decided to help you to the full by giving out our quality liquid soap production METHODS AND PROCEDURES. It entails step by step guide to a quality liquid soap, with measurement of all element to be used.

To get these procedures contact me by phone: (+234) 08168710034, or email: [email protected].com

, to order call the above number or email us to get bank details. After payment send your email and payment details to the phone number above. Within 30 minutes after your payment confirmation your eBook will be sent to you.


There are list and list of testimonies but I will stick with the most recent one, and the truth is that it never occurred to me to upload or demand vote of thanks or testimonies from those that started production with the help of Abode business. But since it did now I thought it wise to start and to start new. Below is one, with their finished products you are free to contact them to confirm my expertise in this.

Liquid Soap
omotayo adebisi

to me

Following the method and procedures of Mr Ikenna of Abode Business for the production of liquid soap, which came out well and nice, I want to say a big THANK YOU!

Thank you for your secret recipe. I now know the proper way of making liquid soap. Thanks to Abode Business.

Once again, THANK YOU!


Omotayo Adebisi

below again is another product of our own equipped entrepreneur.

Next is your turn so please contact us now to start production.


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