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TOILET ROLL PRODUCTION. Make money producing toilet rolls

Toilet roll production machine

Doors of opportunity don't just open , they have to be unlocked & it's up to you to turn the knob.
Easy to operate, yet difficult to copy
"Success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time" (Barack Obama-February 2008)


Also make roller towels, garage & hospital wipes & disposable towels (enq. CALL 08168710034)

  • A No1 Business opportunity & one of the fastest growing industries.
  • Historically toilet roll manufacturing has always been secretly profitable & only enjoyed by big companies. We now reveal these secrets to you.
  • Machines can operate 24 hours
  • Its easier than you can imagine
  • Cheaper toilet rolls are needed.
  • Make up to *40000 rolls per day (depending on model).
  • Free Training, Free Installation (Enq Conditions)
  • The demand has never been stronger. The timing has never been better. The time to start is now!!
  • Economies can go up or down & will never effect the sale of toilet paper. It's the one commodity that nobody can do without.
  • Make from 43c* ($0.06c) {26mt}.
  • Compact floor space
  • Easy to operate
  • Low capital investments
  • Not much research is needed
  • Everyone must use toilet paper
  • Sell to: Factories, Hospitals, Prisons, Chemists, Shops, Hawkers, Cleaning companies, general public, Schools, Big buildings, Big companies and the list goes on...
  • This business needs not so much talking as the product speaks for it self, with high demands and highly patronized. No culture or religion trival its patronized by all not minding social status,relgion, middle class or high class its just the product that cant be done away with. To start or to get more infos GET THIS COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING AND INSTALLATION  MANUAL

High Speed Toilet Roll Making Machine with Auto core Loading & Self Gluing
Model 2.2
Make a toilet roll from as little as 43c ($0.04c).

Jumbo tissue
pulp plant
Jumbo Tissue Making Plants Available.

Make 250 000 cores from one ton raw material.

Supply many different industries with this core

Machines make embossed & perforated toilet rolls, roller towels, garage wipes, hospital disposable towels in single,double & 3 ply.
  •  self-sharpening diamond cutter machine  To cut the finished toilet roll.
  • Heavier embossed look, a "Better Quality" finish.
  • Makes 25 to 80 rolls per minute*. (Depends on model & operating speed)
  • Jumbo production tissue rolls easily available.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate - Learn in an hour how to work machine.
  • Requires 1 to 2 operators.
  • The business is easier than you can imagine. Historically toilet roll & nappy business has been profitable, protected & a secret held by big companies & proved to be No.1 Business Opportunities.

Your dreams to become an Entrepreneur can be fully realized if you are willing and ready.
The first step is to have this comprehensive manual that will give you all the information you have requested.
Within this manual are links to  local fabricators or importers of the machinery/
equipment for Tissue Roll and Exercise Books production, and the raw materials, for negotiation and

procurement. As soon as you acquire them, this e-manual will help you  offer training services for your staff.

The cost of locally fabricated set of Tissue Roll making machine

The cost of imported set of Tissue Roll making machine

The locally fabricated set of Exercise Books making machine ranges

. The cost of imported exercise making machine

Raw materials depend on the quantity ordered. They are abundantly available in some of the companies
producing  and in the open market.

The cost of a ton of jumbo reel for tissue roll

These and other vital information and how to run proposed company are provided  in this

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