Friday, 24 May 2013

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BENEFITS OF BLOG TO BUSINESS! why your business needs a blog

Why your business needs a blog

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One of the most reasons of setting up a business is to make profit and to make profit one have make customers and to make customers one have to market and advertise the said business and here the blog come in as it’s a way of marketing the benefit of a business  and through it one can reach a numerous number of customers and prospective customers.

What is a Blog?

A blog is normally a short, web page made up of frequently updated message in form of articles, image and electronic books which are chronologically arranged like a journal. Blog termed weblog in 1997 became famous since 1999 when sell of blogging software’s and tools began, and since then the number of blog on the web grew from few thousands to over 100million.


A blog is generally categorized into two main broad headings:
·         PERSONAL and
A personal blog is made of personal posts, articles, research, personal diary and research links while business blogs are a communication tools between customers and producers/manufacturers as it serves as a medium where employees can share knowledge and expertise.
Blogs are perfect and excellent method for companies to share information about their company, products, goods and services as it helps build additional web traffic to companies websites and connects with potential customers.

Benefits of a Blog to Small Business?
  • As blog software is easy to use it helps business owners to write their thoughts, links to resources and publish them for viewers( customers and potential customers) to read and also share their thoughts all at the click of a button.
  •  It’s also a low cost alternative to having to run expensive business websites as it also provides a web presence for your business. Business owners without HTML knowledge or without the money to hire a web designer can start a blog that offer an inexpensive methods to have a company name out and running on the internet
  • Doing uploading or update of business information’s on the web the blog offers easy method as opposed to the hiring of a developer to update your website.
  • Blogs provide business owners with a chance to share expertise knowledge and knowledge to a larger audience.

Have you ever thought of starting a blog but still aren’t sure, I advice you start cause you can pull it off and it will provide maximum value for you and your business. 

Read here on how to start a blog remember even if you don’t have a business to promote doesn’t mean you should not consider reading the posts, the truth dear us that there are many benefits of starting a blog even for personal use.


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