Friday, 10 May 2013

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BEST MARKETER!!! mobile and email marketing exposed.

in our post 4ps for successful business marketing  we discussed the main factors to be considered  for a successful business marketing but here in this post market best, i will show you successful measures, and ways to best market your business. already marketing which is the management process by which moves from concept to customers, a business not minding the rate of investment on labor capital and effort is still nothing but a concept, to the manufacturer or producer until proper marketing is done which entails taking the said product or service to the customers.

                                                           marketing importance

am taking time to emphasis much on marketing as it is the bedrock of a successful business, business are created to make profit and in such no no enterprise can  function without and through marketing such enterprise can generate revenue for day to day expenses thus marketing generates revenues.

through marketing a business enterprise can identify and then tend to satisfy the wants and needs of customers and there by providing a perfect use for the manufactured business thus through marketing customers can derive satisfaction from a manufactured goods.

importance of marketing goes on and on as they also creates employments and provide high quality standard of living. 

how to market a business

for all business there is just two main marketing mediums they are :-

 online marketing and 

offline marketing to ( click on each one to learn more )

in the above two ( hope you've read both, if not click each of them) i will be considering one from both, and this ones are far the beat online and offline marketers you've ever come across. yes they are and my favorites, somebody might ask what are they? its simple

EMAIL MARKETING for online and 


 this are the best marketers you can ever get, they are easy and simple to use, less expense or no expense and are highly effective.

how many times do you receive text or email messages and how many did you read? the truth is that you read all of them, they are the two that entails successful marketing both online and offline compare all and if they are not tell me using the comment box and i will apologize for the time spent on them. mobile and email marketing are really effective.

i know what you might be thinking, how do i get  large number of email and phone numbers to send to? its easy email or call me @ [email protected] or by [email protected] +23408168710034 me and i will deliver as you desire to your email box within 2 hrs of request. 

get all email addresses classified with country, ages and sex, also with phone numbers.

email or call now.




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