Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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Elements of a Successful Business Web Presence

Business Website like we all know is the evidence of our web/online presence and therefore creating a business website is a great deal of thought as its creation importance entails a planned information you want to display on your website, best layout to suit and how to integrate this pieces together.
I like refereeing to my website as a office  for its what people see when they in need of me and my services, so here in this article you will learn all the elements necessary for a successful business web presence that helps portray the good impression you desire for your business.


By going on with me I believe you have defined goals for your website as this is the first step towards setting up a web presence. E.g.
Making your business stand out
Creating an online presence
To capture potential leads
With our goals in mind, we can begin to explore specific elements of a strong website.
1.      Setting up the home page which will be the landing page and generally be our initial point of contact with customers and the message passed onto customers in this homepage is answer to the question what you do you do?, what can I gain from you? How good are you and why must I trust you?. So in setting up a homepage one must create a first good impression to customers to keep them coming rather than going to competitors, am sure you don’t want that so lesson 1 make a very good impression through your homepage.

2.      Also an “About us page” should come second and in such must be created to reinforce the homepage and gets the trust your desire as it goes further to explain the objective and goal of your business, what your business does, detailed

3.      Finally, create a “Contact” page” here one must clearly state and explain to your customers how to get in contact with you, with emails, addresses, phone numbers.ese above mentioned three pages create a basic web presence but not that much as one can still strengthen customers to producers relationship through setting up a business blog.


“Blogs” a wonderful news section and outlet a business must consider” “Blog” simply defines any continually updated news or content section of a site. You may ask is blog that important to business but remember the main reason for an online presence is for easy communication easy passage of information and adverts and as so blog is important, it shows dedication and also the chance to express and identify oneself as an expert.. Secondly, a blog is constantly updated. It gives readers a reason to come back to your site. The more contact you have with your consumers, the more likely they are to buy from you.
Also, consumers have become savvier and will search out information. They want more than a simple explanation of what your product does. They want to know how to use your product, and how you can make their life easier. with a constantly updated  site with information and a blog that is ever-growing, you’ll begin to experience a growth in site traffic and increase in customers.

The Newsletter
 here we begin building leads from your website’s visitors.
An important element to consider is a newsletter form, there is such platforms that offer this services like, Aweber, Mail Chip and constant contact, remember there is more of such platforms for this but the three above I recommend because of their quality and easy to use services, they will handle your newsletter sign ups and delivery. Do your research and choose a program you like. The newsletter cost quickly pays for itself. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate sales.
With news letter you don’t have to wait for your customers to come to you rather you can go to them, you can take a product to them, offering special packages and in all keep them informed on your improved services.

Social Media
Another effective option to capture leads is social media platforms. social networks such as Facebook and Twitter  can help you reach out to your customers and your core audience, though it is advice for one to have a blog which is to act as a central hub of information which information’s can be posted to social media networks.
You can create also a name for your business in this social media and integrate them with your websites and blog as this helps gets customers than just visitors/readers.
When you’re building an online presence, the most important aspect is your website. It’s your hub and your first impression. Are you using the right elements to maximize your website’s effectiveness?


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