Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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As many entrepreneurs and business owner both of small and large scale business has achieved variable success in business. But still can’t say that there is a particular road map or how long it will take as all have different answers and experience, the higher the achievers the higher the different answers you get about ways to achieve success in business.

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However in the realm of this different answers I have found this formula that have help define success and the process of achieving it. This formula is based on four factors i.e. desire, efforts, believe/motivation, and result. DESIRE+EFFORT+BELIEVE/MOTIVATION=RESULT, just like every other equation neither each of this factors can produce a result without the other. 

DESIRE, success as a business owner or as an entrepreneurs starts first with the desire to be successful, it requires a lot of desire to move forward, not minding the perfect and wonderful business ideas without a desire it remains, the truth is that many have a more magnificence ideas but can fail where you succeed just because of the desire you possess that they lack.

EFFORT, in other word the momentum required to propel a desire forward. efforts is the fire that activates the desire created by the dream and to achieve a desired result efforts Is required day in day out as without it a dream might be considered impossible..

BELIEF indeed is essential for success in business as one can have all the desire and effort in the whole world but without believe in oneself and dream you will never see success. For without believe and self motivation one might give up, without a strong dream a little set back will stop you as you will see it as evidence that a dream is unattainable. But with a true believe, desire and effort all dream will come to fulfillment.

RESULT. then the result which is the success. With a strong desire fueled with efforts and a true believe in you to drive with then success will be your destination. 

NOTE: with this formula one will get there but the journey won’t always be easy. With devoted time, efforts and energy is all to get there.
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