Blogging has since 1997 become a viable business marketing tool for companies, small business owners and professionals who intend to sell there product, get audience or just to create persona; brand online.

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·      Major blogging platforms

Do read the above linked post as In them you will gain a wider broadened knowledge about blog, and the major blogging platforms online.
Below in this article we shall discus tips on how to create a professional looking blog site for free, with this below tips you can create a professional blog that will keep bringing and converting visitors to customers for you.

1.      Choose a blogger platform: haven read our post on major blogging platform available you might have chosen  a suitable platform. You might ask for my help in choosing the best platform but hey dear choosing a platform I will say depends on you and your financial exposure if financially comfortable I will advice you go for WORDPRESS, if not stick to BLOGGER. Why you may ask again well because with time as your posts increase if in wordpress you will be asked to upgrade or host your blog, but with word press no matter how many content you publish Google will still host it for you. So I think with this you will make a better choice.

2.      Identify your niche: I do advice that you choose a niche that best suits you before even setting up a blog, what is a niche? A niche is just an angle, a topic you decide to focus on.
Decide a topic your well knowledge in before setting up a blog as it will help distinguish you from the crowd of bloggers.

3.      make it personal: apart from identifying your niche, one still ought to avoid generic            posts, that is let your personal voice be heard, don’t just write based on research also write based on personal experience( but make your voice match with your goal).

4.      Choose your title:

bloggers seems to overlook this part. the first thing a visitors sees when he lands on your blog page and it determines if they should stay or leave as fast as they could, your title determines your blogs future. Though they are no rule or particular format in creating a blog but bloggers must consider a short, simple, and easy to remember titles but must still reflect the title of the post. 

5.      Create a description: here you might want to tell your visitors what your blog is all about and what they should expect from you, though simple but very important in all blog sphere and it also plays a very good rule in search engine indexing your site.

6.      Create post: here you bring out a topic and show your expertise in it but be careful not to overemphasis on any topic, keep it short but relevant. Tip before publishing a blog create a minimum of 5 posts before publication as it will engage your readers and remember give your best to your best as that alone will guarantee the return of your first visitors.

7.      Use social media: here you ensure you advertise your blog using social medias. Create social networks like twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn as they will help you engage new and repeat readers. You can also create social medial profiles for your blog sites.
8.      Always keep it new: always refresh your blog with new posts, new features don’t let your blogging fall into a rut: repetition should be your enemy. Keep your blog content fresh by staying on top of news in your industry. Use Google Alerts to find new content on specific subjects.
This is the essential tips you need in starting and running a professional blog but finally if you’re starting up a blog for you business the most important tip is that you should not expect quick and sudden results. In the beginning, you may feel discouraged because your readership is low. Keep writing high-quality posts on a regular basis, use social media to promote your blog and soon you may find that you have what it takes to create a great professional blog.
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Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.