Thursday, 2 May 2013

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PASSIVE INCOME to make more money online


 I was surfing the web last week and I stumbled upon this article by  passive income, on how to make passive income online, though I haven’t tried using those methods both I consider it worth reading and worth giving a try, so dear read an give it a try and remember to drop a comment on it. Happy reading.
You must have heard about websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Helium or Triond. These content firms allow their members to contribute contents and make money from the advertising revenues. These websites have built a powerful passive income model online. These websites have been online for years and they are making six figure incomes every year. If you know how the system works, you can also develop a content firm and make money for you and the members at the same time. Let's explore how you can earn passive income online from these user generated content firms.
How these content firms make passive income online: secrets revealed
#1. These websites are open for all. This means, you can join these websites and contribute articles, videos or even images. These websites use advanced content management systems to organize these contents and publish them online. They also take care of the SEO and marketing of the content published on their websites. These websites cover a lot of topics and ensure quality using several rating systems. Thus the search engines consider their contents as authority information and rank these pages very well. That's why these content firms generate a lot of organic traffic.
#2. Once these websites had developed a huge database of contents, they created several marketing campaigns to reign over other competitors in different niches. They also encouraged new users to join their websites and trained them with different resources and materials and helped them make money. Meanwhile, they created a social buzz. So you can develop and run a website like these, get some contributors and active members. Then you should run aggressive marketing campaigns on websites like Twitter and Facebook.
#3. The content firms like Hubpages, Squidoo and Triond have integrated several revenue sharing programs on their websites. Google AdSense, Chitika, Kontera etc. are some popular ad revenue sharing websites that show relevant advertisements on the websites. As these websites publish lot of contents and receive organic traffic from the search engines, they have better click through rates and earn a decent regular income from a popular content page. You can also create such platform and sign up with these ad revenue sharing websites. You will share the revenues with the contributors and thus both you and the contributor will make money.
#4. If your website is receiving high quality, targeted traffic, you can also integrate some affiliate programs on the website. Websites like Amazon, eBay allow webmasters use their affiliate programs and share revenues from each sale they make. Hubpages let their users integrate affiliate products from eBay and Amazon and help them make money from the affiliate revenues. You can also include your own affiliate programs to make money as a website owner.
A bonus money-making idea: Hubpages have recently started their own revenue sharing program. They have developed a standalone advertising platform for the website itself. Now the Hubpage users can sign up for their own program and get the share of revenues earned by the website. Once your website has grown up into something big, this could be a lifetime income generator.
If you have a good amount of money to invest, creating these content firm will help you set a powerful passive income generator for the lifetime. But these websites can't be successful overnight and you've to wait for a while before it starts making a lot of money for you.
Don't have a lot of money to invest on an online business? Explore how to make passive income online without investing a penny. And yes, you can start making money right away here


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