Friday, 31 May 2013

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Some SUCCEED others FAIL ………………………why?

Some SUCCEED others FAIL ………………………why?

This question has mystified people since humans first dissatisfied with cave dwelling and tried to find some way to make life more comfortable. Perhaps the following comparisons between the characters of a failure and a successful person in business and generally answer the question.
The successful persons knows precisely what she desires, has a plan for getting it, believe I her ability to get it. The failure has no definite purpose in life, believes that all success is a result of “luck” and moves on her own initiative only when forced to do so.

The successful person is a master salesperson who has learned the act of influencing others to cooperate in a friendly spirit to carry out her plan and purposes. The failure find fault with people. She goes out of her way to let them know about her critical attitude.
The successful person thinks before she speaks or acts, she weighs her words carefully and she emphasizes her like concerning people minimizing her dislikes or not mentioning them at all. The unsuccessful person does just the opposite. She speaks first and thinks later. Her words bring irretrievable benefit because of the resentment it engenders.

The successful person expresses opinions only after haven informed herself so she can do intelligently. The failure expresses opinions on subjects about which she has little or no knowledge.
 The successful person budgets time, income and expenditures. She lives within her means. The failure squanders time and income with a contemptuous disregard for their value.
The successful person takes keen interest in people, especially with whom she has something in common and cultivates a bond of friendship with them. The failure only cultivates only those from who she wants something from.

The successful person is open-minded and is tolerant on all subjects and towards all people, the failure has a closed, intolerant, which shuts her off from the recognition of favorable opportunities and the friendly cooperation of others.

The successful person keeps abreast of time and makes important responsibility to know what is going on not only in her business, profession or community but throughout the entire world. The failure concerns herself only with her immediate needs acquiring them by whatever means are available-fair or foul.
The successful person keeps her mind outlook on life positive at all times. She recognizes that the space she occupies in the world and the success she enjoys depend upon the quality and quantity of service she renders. She makes it a habit to render more service than she promised.

The failure looks for “something for nothing “or something under the table which she did not earn. And when she fails to get it she blames the greed ones.

The success person has a keen respect for her creator and expresses it frequently through prayers and deeds of helpfulness to others. The failure believes is nothing but her own desire for food and shelter and seeks those at the expense when and where she can.

In all there is a big difference in both words and deeds of a successful person and the failure. but each person’s  is where she is and what she is because of her own mental attitude towards herself and others.

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