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TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO ATM:start making money with your blog

Turn Your Website into an ATM

While a considerable number of people start websites for fun or just for the pleasure it brings them, it is an irrefutable fact that people can earn a lot of money with their websites. So even if you are running a website as a hobby, wouldn’t it be nice if you can turn it into an ATM that can bring help you rake in a lot of money. Making a website popular and well known is one thing but turning it into a profitable venture is another thing altogether. This is especially relevant these days since the recent downturn in the global economy has brought about many financial troubles for people all over the world. If you want to make money from running your website, then you will need to be familiar with online money making techniques like using affiliate marketing or taking advantage of Google’s Adsense and other similar advertising networks.
Affiliate Marketing
Anybody who plans to earn money online should know about affiliate marketing. This is one of the easiest and most profitable methods that you can use to effectively moneitize your website. In this case, you will need to sign up as an affiliate at an affiliate marketing program like Clickbank or Commission Junction. Once you have signed up as an affiliate, then you will be able to start earning. You can do this buy selling products that you can get at affiliate marketing programs. This includes PLR content such as ebooks and other similar products but you can also choose to sell almost anything under the sun.

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate marketer; however, you will need to choose products that are closely related to your niche market. If you own a website that focuses on fly fishing for example, then your readers are more likely to buy products that are closely related to fly fishing as well. Some of the best affiliate marketing programs out there includesClickbank, Commission Junction and Paydotcom.

Clickbank is arguably the most largest and most popular affiliate market currently in operation. They have thousands of digital products, many of which are ebooks that you can sell. They also offer very attractive commissions. On most products, you will be able to earn 50% of the asking price. They also have a rock solid reputation that they have earned through years of reliable service.
Commission Junction

Commission Junction has been around since the late 90s and they are still going strong. They also offer products from larger and more reputable companies that make them an attractive company for would be affiliate marketers. Essentially, this means that they offer high quality products that most other programs simply cannot match .

Paydotcom is the second largest affiliate program out there and only the marketing giant Clickbank has managed to top them. They offer digital products as well as physical products through their affiliate marketing programs and they also offer very attractive commission rates. Thousands of people are already earning some serious cash by using this reputable affiliate marketing powerhouse.
Google Adsense& Alternatives
Google Adsense forever changed the way people viewed the Internet. In the early days of the Internet, making money was more difficult and complicated but the introduction of GoogeAdsense changed the way people did business online. In fact, this is probably one of the most profitable methods that people can use to monetize their websites. For the uninitiated, Adsense is a program that was created by Google to help posting ads online a lot easier. This is a big help for people who want to advertise their products and services. While this is great for companies looking for a good avenue for advertising, it is also very useful for website owners. Now, websites could be turned into ATMs by allowing people to post ads on their websites and earn every time people clicked on those ads. Adsense uses a wide variety of ads. These ads could have video and audio components but they could also be simple text or graphic ads. For websites that get a lot of traffic, the money that they earn from the ads alone could add up to a substantial amount in a short period of time. While Adsense is a great system that anyone can use, there are also other great alternatives out there that you may prefer depending on your needs.
1. Adbrite

If you are running a non-English website, then Adbrite is probably your best bet. However, Adbrite can also work well with English websites. This ad network also offers appealing payment schemes. Unlike Adsense where the minimum payout amount is set at $100, you can set your minimum payout amount to as low as $5 using Adbrite. Signing up for Adbrite is also very easy and you do not have to pay a membership fee when you sign up.
2. Bidvertiser

If you are looking for a good Adsense alternative, then you should check out Bidvertiser. This company has a solid reputation as a PPC network and this network allows you to target specific niches with ease. You will also enjoy the fact the you are given more control regarding which ads are posted on your site as well as where they will appear. You can use Paypal to collect your payments from Bidvertiser but expect to wait 15 days or less for your payment to push through .
3. Chitika

Chitika is currently one of the highest rated ad networks today and with good reason. In fact, it has been reported that this company already has ads appearing in 100,000 sites. Chitika has also breached the 2 billion impression mark. That’s a lot of impressions and other competing companies will be hard pressed to match that number. These numbers say a lot about the company and you will not regret choosing Chitika as a partner for your website.
4. Infolinks

Infolinks may have a bad reputation due to the lower cost per click earnings but used correctly, this company can still help you earn a lot of money. This is especially true if your niche market happens to be concentrated mainly in the U.S. If you have a lot of international traffic however, you should probably try Adbrite or other similar companies.
5. Pocket Cents

By online advertising standards, Pocket Cents is still in its infancy. However, it has already proven itself as a worthwhile partner for many websites. It is also one of the fastest growing ad networks on the Internet and things are bound to get even better a more time passes by. Pocket Cents has become a really contended in a short amount of time due to the fact that they have a very easy to use system that you can learn in a very short amount of time. In addition to this, they also offer very attractive payment options with no hidden charges of any kind.
6. Kontera

It is said that a large percentage of the top 10,000 sites on the planet are displaying Kontera hosted ads. This number says a lot about the reputability of this advertising network. If you bother to check the reviews about the best ad networks online, you will also find that Kontera is one of the most highly rated. This is due to the fact that this company offers reliable and profitable deals that you can take advantage op. They also use cutting edge algorithms and
innovative advertising techniques that has helped make them really good at what they do.
7. Clicksor

Clicksor has been around since the late 90s and they have made a name for themselves as a powerhouse in the online advertising industry. They offer flexible and attractive payment terms. In addition to this, they have a rock solid reputation due to their reliability as well as the scope of the reach. If you are looking for a good ad network to partner with, then Clicksor is a great option.
8. Exit Junction

When it comes to versatility, it will be hard to find an ad network that can match Exit Junction. They offer both advertisers and website owners with unparalleled flexibility in terms of how ads are displayed as well as how payments are made. They also offer a more attractive payment scheme compared to Adsense.
9. Dynamic Oxygen

Similar to Pocket Cents, Dynamic Oxygen is another newcomer in the industry but they have also been quick to prove themselves. Compared to other ad networks, Dynamic Oxygen is also a good choice for smaller sites since they are not as demanding as other ad networks. However, they offer the same solid and reputable services as some of the older companies in this industry. You can also choose from a variety of payout options such as Paypal, bank-to-bank wire transfers and checks.
10. Adbull

Lastly, Adbull is another leading contender for the title of the best ad network. Applying for an account is fast and easy and you can have your account approved almost immediately. This is great news for people who have just started their websites. They also offer a variety of click through rates that can go as high as 5% or as low as 3%.
CPA or Cost-Per-Action is another great way of making money out of running a website. This simple means that you can get paid every time people perform a certain action on your site. These actions can be anything from filling up forms to answering surveys. If you are wondering how simply performing a few actions can earn money, the answer is simple. Many companies out there are trying to think of cost effective ways to learn more about their consumers. The simplest way to do this is to have them answer surveys or fill out forms. However, getting people to do this may be a bit more difficult. This is why they turned to the Internet for a solution. If you have a popular website and many people regularly go to your site to get information, then this means that your website can be the perfect place for companies to gather information. If you are running a website about games, then gaming companies may be willing to pay you to encourage your readers to perform certain actions on your site. If more people perform these actions, then you can make more money.
CPA is especially effective if you have a lot of traffic. Since you get paid on a per action basis, then you can easily convert your traffic into income. If you get thousands of visitors per day, then you can easily earn a lot of more.
While this may seem like the perfect get rich quick plan, there are certain considerations to be made. For example, getting an account in a reputable CPA program can be quite difficult. They are very picky when it comes to the websites that they will approve so you need to have a reputable website that has a decent amount of traffic. This will take some time and a bit of effort but once you get approved, then the money will start coming in. You should check out popular CPA programs like AffilateBot, Neverblue, PeerFly, SHAREASALE and Hydra.
Amazon Associates
If you are looking for a good company to tie up with when monetizing your blog, then Amazon is one of the best options out there. The good news is that Amazon also offers their own affiliate program. Since Amazon has almost anything under the sun, you can make use of this program regardless of the niche market you are targeting. Amazon also has a solid reputation and you can easily use this to your advantage.
Amazon also offers one of the best tracking systems out there. This will make it a whole lot easier for you to keep track of all the ads in your site. You will easily be able to identify which ads are making money and which ads are just taking up valuable real estate on your site. In addition to this, Amazon Associates also gives you full control regarding what type of ads you want to appear in your site. This is very important since having the wrong type of ad on your site will inevitably result in less income


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