Thursday, 23 May 2013

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Writing at first was considered only as a hobby and not a way of making money as writers are considers not serious, the world want quick and fast money and I such fail to understand the potential in writing, the art of writing is a lucrative business but with one problem, not everyone can venture into it, not everyone can make money from it as virtually not everyone can write. Writing both in business and in general travels more and touches lives more than every other aspect of communication. How much poorer our world would be if some of the great writers of the past had not shared their expertise and inspiration with us. The world of books has taken us into realms we could not have imagined had it not been for the hard work of these authors as they left their legacy for future generations.

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I know your waiting to hear how one can make money writing?, I know I will soon come to that cause it’s all about letting one talent work for him. so in this article we will consider writing as a business.

What to write

The question of what to write depends on the writer and his niche of perfection as there are many things to write, ranging from business article, proposal, novels, speeches, poems etc the list is so much and still continues increasing as there are new niche erupting from time to time.

Who to write for

Both online and offline there are companies and individuals seeking to find writers with unique and original content. The truth is that almost all articles in the web is in one way or the other a pirated copy and in such the demand for new original content. Also there are many niche in writing it’s about you identifying the one that best suits and write as there is a 100% of making money from it
You can increase the bucks in your bank account with your writing skills.
To help you can write for us and have our thousands of viewers been the judge. To do that sends the article as attachments to a mail to my email account @ [email protected]


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