Wednesday, 5 June 2013

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this is a blog post for my sister blog extreme ideas, i posted the article today but due to its importance though as considered by me i decided to share it here also with you. please read through and tell me what you think via the comment box.


The most dangerous man upon the face of the earth is the one who has discovered his dreams, his achievement cannot be limited. The day a man discover his dreams is the day he begins his journey into great life.
Until you discover your dream, you remain another man’s puppet. You cannot make anything happen, you cannot cause an effect and you cannot be successful.  If you have found your dream, don’t let anybody steal your dream. Don’t let them do it. Great Spirit is always faced with violent opposition from mediocre minds. You must fight for your dreams.
 Every great invention, every great achievement, was the result of big dreams, and some people probably laughed at that dreams, but the person did it anyway.
Every dreamer had a lots of people who laughed at them, trying to discourage them. They laughed at Thomas Edison and called him crazy when he talked about his dream of creating a bulb of light that was not a candle. They laughed at Alexander Graham Bell and called him crazy when he talked about a machine that could talk through to other people in other places. The laughed at Christopher Columbus and called him crazy when he said the world was not flat but was round. And he was willing to fall off the edge to prove it. They laughed at the Wright Brothers and called them crazy when they said they would create a flying machine.
The laughed at Martin Luther King Jr. and called him crazy when he talked about having civil rights demonstrations that were nonviolent. If the things you wish to do is right and you believe in it, go ahead and do it! Put your dreams across, and never mind what they say.
 The greatest achievements were once considered impossible. Everyone who has done incredible   things always went after the impossible.
Helen Killer became deaf, dumb, and blind shortly after birth despite her greatest misfortune, she has written her name indelibly in the pages of history of great. Her entire life has served as evidence that no one is ever defeated until defeats has been accepted as a reality. Dreamers are Heroes their names will last long as time endures because they dreamed and translated their dreams into reality.
The grave yards are full of great men and women who never become great because they did not give their dreams a chance. Each of us comes into the world pregnant with unlimited possibilities. Please reason with me deep within you lies a seed of impact waiting to be exposed. If you die now which inevitable, the only testimony would be “rest in peace” and I wonder – how can you rest in peace if you die with all your unexposed talent inside you.
Dream high, there is no limitation to what you can achieve. Dream deep, your best still lies underground waiting to be revealed. Dream big, nothing is too big to be true.
Over to you add your thoughts below, tell us what we missed and what you think about the post.


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