Thursday, 6 June 2013

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The fact that you have been knocked down is interesting, but the length of time you remain down is important. Are you going to give up and stay down wallowing in your defeat or are you going to get back on your feet again?
We don’t  just fail once and walk gingerly through life so that we will never fail again. Failure is something that we experience every day we all make mistakes. Failure comes easily to everyone, its normal part of life. This may be hard for you to believe, but successful people experience failure almost as often as unsuccessful people.

But why is that failure destroys some and builds up others? Why is it that people fail?
I think there are reasons why people do not becomedownload make your website a working atm ebook successful after failure. First, too few concentrate on successful instead of on failure. Too many people concentrate on success instead of on failure. Many people just don’t feel the need to succeed. These people are secure; they don’t need to prove anything. They are happy, contented and they like what’s happening to them.
The second reason people do not succeed is that they are afraid of success. Sometimes we are afraid because success puts pressure on us to continue to succeed. They would rather be with crowd………it’s lonely at the top. The third reason why people fail is that they are suspicious of success. It’s as if they think that if you want to be successful, you certainly can’t be spiritual: successful people can’t be humble. 

People think failure is avoidable- it’s not
People think failure is an event
People think failure is an enemy- it’s not
People think failure is irreversible- it’s not
People think is a stigma

People think failure is final it’s what may appear to be a huge failure doesn’t need to keep you from achieving. It’s all in how you look at it.

Treat failure as a friend
Your reaction to determine what you do with it. If you treat your failure as a foe you will hide it. Only when you are honest and open about a mistake can you learn from it. So learn from your mistakes. No failure significant enough to sink a person.

View failure as a moment
View failure as a moment a fleeting experience virtually nothing comes out right the first time. Repeated failures are fingers posts on the road to achievement. Fail forward success. Too many people when they fail erect a monument to their failure and spent their life paying homage.

View failure inwardly.
Too many people have too broad view of failure. They are too quick to judge an attempt as a failure. If they don’t see immediate outward positive results, they see major mistake. What the world judges as obvious failure is many times that the world has put labels of failure on some events that have been some of the greatest successes of mankind.

Successfully fail
Too many people and then they never use that failure to their benefits. Any time you learn from a mistake you made a major step toward success.

Keep trying
We successfully fail when it sting us to keep trying the set back that look as though they will finish us off can spur us on to come out on top.

Be willing to change
We successfully fail when we see our mistakes and we are willing to change. The greatest mistake we make is not correcting.
Discover your true self
We fail successfully when we discover our true selves some of the most successful people in the world started out of failures because they failed; they found themselves and their purpose life.

NEVER QUIT because of failure.
 Too many people never start because of failure, too few never quit because of failure. Starting is the first step of succeeding.
Too many people stay in the dugout of life. They never swing a bat: they never face the challenge they never get into the game some day they are going to wonder why they never saw any action.
Now it could be depressing to think that life is passing you but here’s the good news: failure is not final what you have to say to yourself, I’m not a failure. I failed at doing something there is a big difference and the only person who can really label.
You have the potential to overcome any problems, mistakes of misfortune. All you are have to learn to fail forward. If you are ready to do that, read through all amazing articles using this site map below.


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