Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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How To Make Money Producing School Chalks

How To Make Money Producing School Chalks

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chalks is used in schools and other learning establishments to write on the board.the demand for chalk is high and this made its production a goldmine.chalk is very easy to produce; and you only need three ingredients to produce chalks. the ingredients are readily available in the market and are very cheap. you don't need electricity NEPA/PHCN ; you don't need generator. the only thing you need apart from the chemicals is the mould into which you pour your chemicals into to give it shape and thus later become chalk.


Let me start by saying that school chalk production is a very simple and straight forward process. Anybody can learn how to do it and apply it successfully without supervision. For this reason, school chalk production has been incorporated into the curriculum of almost every skill acquisition center in Nigeria.
School chalk production can be done in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to establish a big factory. The major equipment for school chalk production is the Chalk Mould which is primarily used for molding the chalk to give it its characteristic shape, size, and length. 

1. The Plaster of Paris or as it is generally called “POP” is the major raw material for school chalk production. Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder; scientifically called “Calcium Sulfate” that when mixed with water, forms a quick-hardening paste. It is used in the arts for sculpting and making casts, and in medicine for molding casts around broken limbs.

2. Lubricants: this is another important raw material for school chalk production. It could be any cooking oil or coconut oil, mixed with Kerosene. It is used for lubricating the chalk mould to prevent the POP from sticking to it.

3.Clean Water: water is a very important element in school chalk production, because it is used for mixing all the ingredients.

4.Ultramarine blue (optional) ultramarine blue is used to give the chalk a dark blue or sky blue colour depending on its concentration. If you intend to produce only white chalk, then you wouldn’t need to add ultramarine blue.


1)  Chalk Mould: this is the major equipment used in school chalk production. It is either made of rubber or metal but usually with a wooden frame. But there are some chalk moulds that are completely made of metal. The moulds defer according to the number of holes or cavities they have. Some could have 240 holes or even more. The number of holes or cavities a chalk mould has determines the number of chalk sticks it can produce at a time...

2) Scraper: this is a flat metal object used for scraping the surface of the chalk mould.

3) Paint Brush: this is used for applying the lubricant on the mould before filling it up with POP

4) Dryer: The dryer is primarily used for drying the chalk after it has been removed from the mould. The drier is electrically operated and is mostly used in large scale school chalk production. For small scale school chalk production, sun drying is perfectly okay to save cost.

5) Hand Glove: This is basically used for protecting the hand during the mixing of the POP and water.

6) Packaging Materials: these could include nylon bags and branded carton packs.


It is no doubt that school chalk production is very lucrative in Nigeria because of the ever increasing number of public and private schools nationwide. This is in accordance with one of the agenda of the present administration which is to make education available and affordable to every citizen.  This has significantly increased demand of school chalk within the last 10 years. To meet up with this increased demand, individuals and corporate organizations have delved into school chalk production and supply with a bid to balancing the demand and supply chain. This has not been successful, as schools keep springing up on daily basis while the demand keeps skyrocketing. This has created a very big investment opportunity especially for individuals who intend to go into small scale chalk production business. 

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chalk production has become a profitable business, the demand is high and the cost of production is low, and the demand for the product is still growing.
imagine the number of schools in your village, local government town, cities and the state as a whole you will agree with me not less that there are high range of customers to patronize you product.
why the wait after see the financial breakthrough you can get from this business, it lucrativeness can turn the tide for you. don't let this golden opportunity pass you by. take actions and start making money.
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