Thursday, 6 June 2013

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IF YOU CAN THINK ENOUGH the winning wisdom

IF YOU CAN THINK ENOUGH the winning wisdom

If you can think enough what you have is enough. No matter how terrible your situation is, come and let’s reason together
What does reasoning guarantee? It guarantees a rising friend, reasoning makes rich. Out of the mind are the issues of life, imagine that!
Your contact with him is contact with the depth of the riches of wisdom and knowledge. You need to sit down and consciously rub minds with him. He is the authentic source of mental powers. There is a vital secret for impact which once contacted will set an individual up for a life of perpetual impact, that vital secret is vision.

To be ahead is to see ahead, you cannot go faster than you can see. The brighter you see the faster you go. Only men with vision become distinguished in life. Make a choice. To discover where you belong is an act of will, you choose what to do. Many people have left their future blank, they are not expecting anything so they get there to find nothing.

 The mental picture you paint concerning your future will set the pace for what you experience, so, what do you see in your future?
 The easiest way to paralyze a vision is to be dreamless because a dream is what drives a vision; it is what gives motion to vision. Friend, we live in a dreamer’s world. If you do not have a dream, you are doomed. A dream establishes your expected end. Every turn around begins with a dream. Once you have a dream, it marks a turning point in life for you. There is no mountain anywhere; everyman’s ignorance is his mountain until you see it he cannot give it to you. 

It’s your mental picture that determines your actual future. When you are wise and divinely directed, a sense of purpose comes upon which induces inner strength and makes you unstoppable in your journey to the top. Every star in life is as a result of insights inside of a man. Supernatural intelligence therefore calls for extreme attention. Every tower builder is a tower thinker. Your imagination sets the pace for your


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