Saturday, 22 June 2013

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Lets Help You Start a BLog! All Steps on How to Start a Blog

Lets Help You Start a Blog! All Steps on How to Start a Blog

in our previous posts we have  discussed the
* major blogging platform
* benefits of a blog to your business
*how to create a professional blog   etc.

but here in this post i have decided to make it a call to action for all my readers, cause if you have noticed almost all online business making money ideas either affiliate marketing, payperclick ads, MLM etc. requires a blogsite. so we will create a blog for free, and for this purpose we will be using (blogger) as our platform.

why blogger? there is this believe bloggers got me accustomed to when i wanted to start a blog and that believe was, you cant make money from a free blog.  have you been subjected also to this believe please i want to tell you that its not true and does not hold. the ability to make money from either a free or paid blog depends solely on you.

NOTE: you can make as much money from a free blog more even better than paid web blogs. take for instance the top blog in [email protected] is a free blogger blog but yet the top blog in nigeria and amount tones of money for the single owner. so yes we will be using

 so lets start.

step 1. open a Google account (g mail address) if you don"t have one yet. you can open one by clicking here
step 2. visit BlogSpot by typing on you web browser, provide the same Google account  and password the hit sign in.
the next page will display then find and hit the new blog button on the top left side.
a pop out box will display in that provide your blog title as you can see in the image I used Example to blog, be creative in this the next box under choose your blog url. this will be your web address with which your blog will be located on the web.
at this point I will say congratulations for your blog have be created and it's running but still without a post. to create post click the start posting sentence .
how to create post: just like Microsoft word, blogger is easy to use for text creation, with features like, image, videos on top for videos and image adding to posts.  not the arrow areas I indicated as they are important.
haven started posting lets consider some important customization.
use the layout to make changes to your blog like the title, description, logo, favicon and lots more.
following the above steps am sure your blog would be running and getting page views.
subscribe for updates. 
please leave an evidence you where here. drop a comment, questions and contribution via comment box below.


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