Top Mlm, Best Mlm Companies

Top Mlm, Best Mlm Companies

There are literally tens of thousands of network marketing opportunity programs both on and off the web, but the sad fact is that most of them go belly up rather quickly. In fact the average life span of such companies is probably under a year. Experts also point out that, on average, most people who join an mlm will recruit fewer than 3 people, spend anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per “opportunity”, and end up quitting within a few months.

It is critical, therefor, that you choose a stable company with a good track record, and preferably one that has a built in recruiting program, and/or an “edge” or unique position that makes them stand out. Ideally, you want something that “sells itself”, and has very wide, if not universal, appeal. When you have something that many, many people use and want, you will have many more sales with much less effort, and a much easier time converting some of those customers into distributors.
Personally, I am extremely selective when looking at any “opportunity”, since most really aren’t an opportunity at all. And unlike some of the “mlm junkies” that I know, I don’t want to be involved in more than two or at most three at a time, unless they all fit together into one cohesive “theme” or concept. That said, my chosen program is:

Best Network Marketing Companies-The Empower Network

If you haven’t heard of the Empower Network when looking for the best network marketing companies, I would be baffled. The Empower Network is actually a direct sales company. The company has revolutionized the entire network marketing industry and here’s why.
More people are making money with Empower Network faster than any other company out there. 12 year olds, 80 year olds, disabled people. Anyone can make money with this company. You don’t have to go out and pester your friends and family anymore. You don’t have to be a master sales person either. Why? because they teach you how to do everything online. Its all done through a $25 blogging system that they set up completely for you and show you how to make money from it. All you have to do is get people to a online presentation, and the company does the rest. Never before has network marketing been so simple and hassle free!
Cl!ck W@tch Free V!deo Pre$entation

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