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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How To Start Affiliate Marketing.

Learn How To Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks and  welcome dear online earner, am ikoi abode ikenna and I will be your host today, I will be taking you down through this topic affiliatemarketing, we will be looking at its meaning , all process involved in it and like you know why we are here we will consider it earning potentials.
What is affiliate marketing?

 Affiliate marketing as a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. In my own words I will tell you that affiliate marketing simply means getting one’s self aligned to a company or group of company that accepts affiliates, help them sell , advertise and market their product or to simply get more customers for them while being paid commissions for such services.

Wikipedia defined
How to start as affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing you are required to identify companies that offer affiliate programs and among them choose the one that best suits your business, register or sign in with them get your form approved and then your open to their wild opportunities.  Wild I say because affiliate marketing is one online business that you are not limited or restricted to any lent. You will have to decide the number of hours to work numbers of product to sell or number of customers to add per day.
Types of affiliate marketing  

through research and experience I will classify affiliate marketing into three
1.       Unattached affiliate marketing. Here you don’t have to do a lot of job as this type of affiliate involves banner ads which you will just need to display either with Google ad word, blog, and face book profile with the hope of someone clicking on it.
2.       Attached affiliate marketing. This type involves no banner ads but referral links to drive traffic and new customers to the affiliate marketing website and you are paid on the number of referrers you make.
3.       Involved affiliate marketing. This is a type of affiliate marketing where one is require to sell a product and gain commissions from the product producers or the affiliate company, this though involves a lot of job as one must convince buyers not on a notion ground but with conviction considering the product but is financially lucrative as they attaches huge commissions on products.
How to become an affiliate marketer becoming an affiliate marketer can earn you great income, as seen above one can apply for any type and still get the chance to make real go and legitimate money online.


  Affiliate Marketing how To’s,Company’s and their Websites

over to you tell us what we missed and what you want to add via comment box.
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