Thursday, 4 July 2013

Guest Post on Abode Business

Hello and welcome, thanks for taking out time to visit us, we so much appreciate, i have been receiving emails and emails on quest post proposal and request and i thought it wise we discus it here. i have been asked frequently and have answered questions about quest blogging on, many have sent article that after review was against the terms of Abode business.

                why online business is a safe option
                 how to interest people with your business

please i must first say thanks to as many that have sent those mails, and for those that sent article that wasn't published  hope you didn't misunderstood my stand about it  i appologise.
  1. Non web duplicate content: here we wish to make note of the fact that we will appreciate good content but not good copied or duplicated content, most articles have been disapproved because of this, please to those that its article was disapproved we sincerely apologize but still respect and appreciate your interest in Abode Business that made you want to share a content with us. we advice if  you consider an article interesting and perfect for all Bode Business Men&Women the we appreciate you share it via comment and a link not via quest post.
  2. word count: in short we desire quality and not quantity like i made mentioned to one quest post acquaintance of mine, so in that we accept 400 words and above.
  3. links: about links to be displayed we accept only 3 links per page.
  4. about author(s) about authors can be included.
  5. images if considered, videos and image can be added but based on its content.

i think based on this criteria above abode business will boost of more quest post with unique contents.
leave a comment, questions and more below.
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