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Why eBay?

Why eBay?
based on previous post on e Bay basics i know many will be battling with this questions in their mind, many showed it and so in this post we will be answering this question "Why Ebay".
When eBay was introduced in 1995 (under the short-lived name AuctionWeb) as yet another San Jose, California, startup, no one had any idea that it would go on to transform the way that millions of people in at least 30 countries do business.
Immediately, even the founder of the company was astonished at some of the bizarre things people were willing to purchase. However, when the company went public in 1998, both the founder, Pierre Omidyar, and his first employee, Jeffrey Skoll, became instant billionaires. In short, eBay is a business model based upon the notion that the ubiquitous nature of the Internet is uniquely suited to bringing buyers and sellers together, no matter how small the market for the goods may be. This is especially attractive to small business owners looking to fill a niche market. This way, you don't need to create, maintain and advertise a website of your own, saving a considerable investment of time and money.

While there are other online sites that allow sales, none have the worldwide appeal of eBay. It has become so commonplace for shoppers to check eBay for a deal that, like Google, the company name has become a verb, with many people looking to “eBay” an item they wish to buy or sell. Quite simply, you'll reach the most people (nearly 1 billion visitors per year), by far, when you conduct your business using eBay. There are some eBay rules specific to dropshippers, listed under the larger label of “presale items. ” While they consider the practice to be “limited,” if you follow their rules, you will have no problems selling a significant number of items this way each month. The usual threats to your status on eBay apply if you should fail to follow these basic rules. In short, they are: The item must be delivered within 30 days of the end of the auction You must clearly indicate in the item description that the item is being dropshipped to the customer Though not strictly required, items that have a longer ship time should be listed with a projected ship date in the auction text.
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