Monday, 21 October 2013

Five Ways To Get a Good Job

Hello, welcome to another post on your favorite blog ABODE BUSINESS @, this post is a special request from one of our valued regular reader said to address him as Corper Stanley, said to have finish serving his father’s land on 11th of this month. On his word he requested it for his fellow corpers, like we all know it’s another dream after school to get employed so is it here on this post, Am dedicating it to all our newest graduates and to all searching to get a good job.

The information described here is a net result of many years of experience, during which thousands of men and women were helped to market their services effectively. Experience has proved that the following methods of bringing the buyer and the seller of personal services together:

1.       Employment bureaus: care must be taken to select only reputable bureaus, the management of which can show adequate records of achievement of satisfactory results. There are comparatively few such bureaus.
2.       Advertising:  try the newspapers, trade journals, magazines. Classified advertising may usually be relied upon to produce satisfactory results in the case of those who apply for clerical or ordinary salaried positions. Display advertising is more desirable in the case of those who seek executive connections, the copy to appear in the section of the paper which most apt to come to the attention of the class of employer being sought. The copy should be prepared by an expert, who understands how to inject sufficient selling qualities to produce replies.
3.       Personal letter application: these are directed to particular firms or individuals most apt to need such services as are being offered. Letters should always be neatly typed and signed by hand. With the letter should be sent a complete “brief” or outline of the applicant’s qualifications. Both the letter of application and the brief of experience or qualifications should be prepared by an expert.

4.       Application through personal acquaintances: when possible, the applicant should endeavor to approach prospective employers through some mutual acquaintance. This method of approach is particularly advantageous in the case of those who seek executive connections and do not wish to appear to be “peddling” themselves.
5.       Application in person: in some instances, it may be more effective if the applicant personally offers his services to prospective employers, in which event a complete written statement of qualifications for the position should be presented, for the reason that prospective employers often which to discus one’s record with associates.
with this five ways i believe finding your desired job wont be difficult. 
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