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Unemployment Killing Resume! How to Prepare a “Brief” or “Resume”

This is a follow up on the request of one of my readers request on – how to get a good job. Here you will learn the expert’s secrets on how to prepare an unemployment killer resume. a!so:

This brief should be prepared as carefully as a lawyer would prepare the brief of a case to be tried in court. Unless the applicant is experienced in the preparation of such brief, the below procedures should be considered and its service enlisted for this purpose. Successful merchants employ men and women who understand the art and the psychology of advertising to present the merits of their merchandise. One who has personal services for sale should do the same. The following information should appear in the brief.

1.       Education: state briefly, but definitely, what schooling you have had and in what subjects you specialized in school, giving the reason for specialization.
2.       Experience: if you have had experience in connection with positions similar to the one you seek, describe it fully, state names and addresses of former employers. Be sure to bring out clearly any special experience you may have had which would equip you to fill the position you seek.
3.       References: practically every business firm desires to know all about the previous records, antecedents, etc of prospective employees who seek positions of responsibility. Attach to your brief photo static copies of letters from
·         Former employers
·         Teachers under who you studied
·         Prominent people whose judgment may be relied upon.
4.       Photograph of self: attach to your brief a recent, un-mounted photograph of yourself.
5.       Apply for a specific position: avoid applying for a position without describing exactly what particular positions you seek. Never apply for “just a position”. That indicates you lack specialized qualification.
6.       State your qualification for the position: give full details as to the reason you believe you are qualified for the particular positions you seek. This is the most important detail of your application. It will determine, more than anything else, what consideration you receive.
7.       Offer to go to work on probation: this may appear to be a radical suggestion, but experience has proved that it seldom fails to win at least a trial. If you are sure of your qualifications, a trial is all you need. Incidentally, such an offer indicates that you have confidence in your ability to fill the position you seek; it is most convincing. Make clear the fact that your offer is based upon:
·         Your confidence in your ability to fill the position

·         Your confidence in your prospective employer’s decision to employ you after trial
·         Your determination to have the position
8.       Knowledge of your prospective employer’s business: before applying to a position, do sufficient research in connection with the business to familiarize yourself thoroughly with that business, and indicate in your brief the knowledge you have acquired in this field. This will be impressive, as it will indicate that you have imagination and real interest in the position you seek.

Remember that it’s not the lawyer who knows the most law, but one who best prepare his case who wins. If your “case” is properly prepared and presented, your victory will have been more half won at the outset. Do not be afraid of making your brief too long. Employers are just as much interested in purchasing the service of well qualified applicants as you are in securing employment. In fact, the success of most successful employers is due, in the main, to their ability to select well-qualified lieutenants. They want all the information available.

Remember another thing: neatness in the preparation of your brief will indicate that you are a painstaking person. I have helped to prepare briefs for clients which were so striking and out of the ordinary that they resulted in the employment of the applicant without a personal interview.

With all this above mentioned points to note, I believe your well equipped and can go now about preparing the briefs that I call “UNEMPLOYMENT KILLER BRIEFS” but should in-case your yet to understand any part of it don’t hesitate to ask via comment box, if personal send it via email @ [email protected] or if you need help in preparing one for you, that is if you want Abode business to prepare an Unemployment killer brief you can also contact us via the above email, or call (+234) 08168710034.
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