Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Importance of Database To Your Business


Creating a database for a business either a growing business or already established business is as important as creating the business itself as it has proven to be a good foundation for entrepreneurs.
Are you just starting a business? Are you a business owner? Or just an aspiring entrepreneur ? Then this report is for you. Understand the importance of business database and get acquainted to one and learn how to create one yourself with easy steps.

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A database is defined as a structured set of data held in a computer. This data is usually made accessible to all who will need the data in some way. Databases are important to businesses because they allow for important information to be updated, shared, deleted, retrieved, and added within seconds. This makes things more efficient and less costly for the business.organisations must track information about people including volunteers, clients, potential donors, current donors, event attendees, who support or who might support their programs and services. Managing this information is crucial. A database allows you to manage and use an incredible variety of information easily. Databases are easy to set-up, easy to manipulate and easy to use. A database allows you to maintain order in what could be a very chaotic environment.
Employees and volunteers of not-for-profit organisations have to manage existing resources very carefully. There may not be the resources to hire a full-time database manager or a short-term consultant. Initial data base structure can be very basic, easy to use and to maintain. Databases can be expanded and manipulated as your organisation grows and your resources increase.


Using Oracle sql there are five main data type one must consider, this five main data rules this world and without this five main data we will have a stunted world.
These five main data types are:

1.       THE VARCHAR- This data type is in charge of any data programming that has to do with “ALPHABETS”. In creating a database the varchar got across but restricted to only alphabets.
2.       BLOB- the blob is in charge of anything ranging from image, videos and animations only. Blob just like all other type has their specific function and functions only in this above mentioned features outside which is effect is nulled.

3.       TIMESTAMP- as the name implies the time stamp controls the timing of event both past, present and future events.

4.       NUMBER- This is used for only numerals. That is numbers and only ordinary numbers in numeric forms. Eg 1, 4, 7, 0, 100, 5000, 00000, etc.


With the above mentioned data types with functions necessitate creating a database.
Consider the below example
1    .       Open the software by double clicking.
2     .       Start by typing “create” then “space” and table.
3     .       Type the company’s name e.g. ABODE BUSINESS
Please note don’t use hyphen (-) use only underscore (_).
4      .       Type the first name(of client e.g. master Ikoi) with category i.e. the data type in this case “varchar” then a number which must not exceed twelve(12).
5     .       The age of customer with its database category (in this case “time stamp”) which must not exceed three (3)?
6     .       Passport then underscore(_) with its category ( in this case “blob”)
7     .       Date of registration underscore (_) category (in this case “time stamp”).
Summary of example above
Category (time stamp) client number 8(category numerals) sex(category Varcher) then number.
After then close with bracket then semicolon (-) showing you has ended the program.

Oracle is not just software and can’t be downloaded. But if need be you need this software or you want to create a database for your business and you dont know how, please do contact us for details and creation.


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