Saturday, 10 May 2014

Additional Traffic Generation Tips.

The importance of traffic to a web log can’t be overlook as it is the life of a log,. Below we will consider other possible means aside the usual of generating traffic for our weblogs

These traffic generation tips are straightforward and easy to do;
Furthermore, they can boost your website traffic heaps. Some are as
simple, as opening your mouth while others take a little more effort.
However, one thing is for sure, these additional traffic generation tips will
get your website noticed and fast!

1.   Analyze- you need to know who is visiting your site in order to
make the most out of your traffic generation marketing strategy.
Google Analytics is free to use and can tell you the demographics of
who is visiting your site. This is vital information for ROI and niche
market campaigning.

2.   Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your family- it is one of
the simplest tips we can give you, but it cannot be overlooked. At
family dinners, discuss your website and ask for input. Many people
will have a quick look and, if they like what they see, they will most
likely recommend it to friends who could use your products. Word of
mouth is a simple, yet powerful tool.

3.   Use RSS feeds- syndicate your sites content with RSS feeds which
can keep your clients updated on the latest news and sales.
83. Use aggregator sites- Aggregator sites will have your content all
over the net. Sites such as Feedburner, Squidoo, Feedboy and
Jordomedia are great RSS feed syndicators.

4.   Offer a monthly newsletter and mailing subscription list- mailing
lists are great ways to keep your customers coming back to your
site. This is an important aspect of gaining traffic- after all,
recurring customers are often your most loyal and best customers.
Offering a monthly e-letter to a subscribed mailing list will keep
your customers connected with their favorite products. Offer great
content, sales, new products and lots of pictures to keep your
customers happily reading and visiting your site. And, don’t forget
to include plenty of links! Also to this one can offer monthly customized sms to your customers, in doing this one can use the bulksms service

5.   Use free search engine site directories- the most important aspect
of generating traffic on the site is making use of the search engines.
You can submit your site to free search engine friendly directories,
you just need to know where to look. Start your search at “Info
Vilesilencer” which can give you a great list of all free search engine

6.   Discover the benefits of Craigslist- Craigslist offers free advertising
so why not? Advertise your website on Craigslist and you just never
know you might stumble onto your site. Craigslist is one of the most
popular resources to find just about anything.
87. Launch a video- YouTube and Google Video are both great
resources to submit a relevant video that links back to your site.
Essentially, it’s like free television advertising. Videos that are
controversial or humorous are often the ones most clicked.

7.   Include a video on your site- another great idea to generate traffic
is to include a video on your site. A ‘how to’ video, a ‘tips and tricks’
power point presentation or anything else that is visual can gain a
lot of attention. Many people also choose to use an interactive
person speaking directly to the client; however, a lot of people hate
these things with a passion so it’s best to tread lightly.

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