Tuesday, 10 June 2014

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Lucrative Business Of Candle Production


Problem lurking our nation power sector has provided a lucrative opportunity with over 140 millions of Nigerians readily available to patronize candle products. Candle production business has become so profitable having a readily locally sourced raw material available and with customers waiting with their money to buy this products. The market for candle in Nigerian is large and still expanding exponentially and supply is yet to equate demands as available candles are usually of foreign brands.
Not considering the home use of this product which constitute about 80% of the market share, candle are used in religions activity, decoration and among other things it is used as the nation alternative to electric supplies which are deficient. The government policies encourage the development of small and medium scale business and thus one looking to start up this business can seek help from financial institutions and is sure to get it if with a good business plan. Currently the population is growing and in such provides more market.
Machines are sourced locally, depending the plant does not require or occupy much space as a shop can accommodate it’s properly for small scale though. Machines that produce 100 molds, see the below capital estimation
Accommodation= 100,000
Plant and machines= 350,000
Working capital 200,000
Total= 725000.
With this above mentioned investment one is sure to start earning within payback period of not above 9-12 months of operation.
Get the feasibility report/ business plan/market research on this business for a giveaway price call +234(0)8168710034 or +234(0)7010646984 or email us @ [email protected] or [email protected]


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