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Make 100$ Per Day With Your Typing Skills with ease.

Make 100$ Per Day With Your Typing Skills with ease.
 last week paypal started accepting Nigerians and and in that my post click here to view post i said i will be providing ways the average Nigerian can utilize that opportunity and make living from doing minor jobs online to gain $$$$$$ into his/her paypal account. in accordance with this i have prepared 19 report on how to earn into you paypal account and of such this is one. its a report that can earn $100 daily into your pay pal.
What this report is about.
In this report I will be discussing the website and how I have made
thousands of dollars from it. I will be providing you with my whole arsenal of methods
and tricks that can teach you how to make some easy money online from Live Person by
just sitting at your computer typing a few hours a day.
Also please do not sign up to LivePerson until you have read the full report. This will
give you all the details you need for signing up with a successful profile. However I do
recommend you spend 2 minutes now just visiting the site and having a quick skim over
the site.
So what is ?
Live Person is a site based on connecting people who need help in some area with
“experts” who are people that can provide them with help for a fee. The site uses instant
messaging type software for communication between the two parties involved.
So how is this profitable to us?
Well as I mentioned before experts charge a fee for their services. The fee ranges from 50c a minute to $20 a minute. With their being thousands of clients for experts on both sides of the line.
If you can imagine for just giving advice to people you can make a minimum of $30 an
hour ( providing that you have customers for the duration of a whole hour ).
$30 isn’t bad at all considering you are just sitting at your desk typing. Also giving advice is easy. Im sure that most of you do it on a daily basis at WarriorForum.
 So why not make some extra cash doing so.
And on the other side there are people charging up to $20 a minute for their advice. And they are getting thousands of customers. ( Some have over 11,000 thus far ). Can you
imagine that, $1200 an hour for guidance and advice.
Personally during peak traffic times on Live Person I make around $100-$200 an hour. I
typically talk for around half an hour in total during that hour and I charge between $3-7
per minute. Depending on the category I am in. I will explain pricing and categories quite

and in the startup it can be quite difficult as you do need to get some reviews before you
start finding a steady flow of customers.
Creating a Successful Profile on Live Person
There is a lot of psychology needed in Live Person in respect to being successful.
However I have discovered all the secrets and am providing them to you here so that you
can venture into Live Person and be successful too.
Choosing the category for where you want to give advice.
You can work in more than one category on Live Person. But to start of with I
recommend that you just stick with 1 ( feel free to venture into different sub categories )
and get used to the Live Person system and how it works.
The category you choose to work in will determine how much you make per minute. As
different areas have different monetary values.
Ultimately if you want to be successful in Live Person you need to enter an area that you
yourself are knowledgeable in and feel comfortable talking to others about. This is the
key thing you should work at. Not the monetary value as all area’s are very profitable on
Live Person. Everyone is good at something and I know you all are. So just dig for that
area of expertise that you have and offer to other people.
The Monetary Values of the different categories.
I have compiled for you a table of the different categories in Live Person and the average
pay rate that you can expect from these categories. These are for main categories. If you
dive further into the sub categories you may find higher prices.
Catergory Average Price per Minute ( $ )
Spirituality and Religion 10-20
Arts and Creative Services 0.50-3.00
Business and Finance 0.50-3.00
Coaching and Personal Development 0.50-2.15
Computers and Programming 0.50-1.25
Education and Tutoring 0.50- 2.00
Health and Medicine. 0.50-3.00
Home and Leisure 1.00-3.00
Legal Services 0.50-3.00
Professional Counseling 1.00-3.00
Shopping and Style 2.00 ( only 1 person doing it via live instant
messaging chat at the moment. )
Social Media People only communicating via email
Other N/A Not a specific category.
So as you can see most categories have people working at minimum price per minute,
which is still profitable. But it means that you will not be able to charge the sun and the
moon. Unless you go into the spirituality and religion area, which in fact has the most
to get the complete of this report please call or email us @ 08168710034 or [email protected] and [email protected]

please remember to drop a comment and revisit for more on how to earn into your pay pal
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