Soap production and Sale Business

soap This is a business that requires neither introduction nor long talk even on its profit potential for if you can answer the following questions then you’re sure to get much on this business. Knowing that Soap is used for washing clothes, scrubbing of floor, bathing, and lubrication of machines for washing and for other cleaning purpose
·       What is hygiene?
·       What role do soaps play in hygiene?
·       To what percent do you depend on soap?
·       Can you skip through a day without it?
·       Can you pay to get it?
·       How many persons feel the same way?
·       Can they skip a day without it?
·       Can they pay to get it?
·       How many organization and establishments feel the same way?
·       Can they skip through a day without it
·       Can they pay to get it?
This are basic questions that self explains the potential profit in soap production and sales business. The science of health and health promotions and preservations entails getting rid of dirt which at times come from excreta (e.g. sweet), dust, oil substance, infected water etc. owing to consciousness of man to healthy living getting of this dirt is composulory and to ensure the smooth removal soaps is an essential commodity.
A commodity which human existence solely depends on for healthy life promotion, consumed daily as man can’t skip a day without using it either once or twice per day. It have been calculated that the average consumption of bathing soap tablet to be over a thousand million annually, having a population of 6.5 million. The consumption of soap daily is high and increasing, you can capitalize now.

Types of soap
1.      Toilet soap
2.     Laundry soap
3.     Medicated soap
4.    Antiseptic soap
 Forms of soap
1.       Powdered
2.     Liquid soap
3.     Solid soap
Method of production
There are two main method of production
1.      Hot method system, this process where chemicals are subjected to heat or fire. Its major advantage of this method is that the quantity of the soap increases up to double compared to those product under cold system.
However the hot method system has a number of disadvantages. The soap dissolves easily, the production shrink and develops white hairy particles within a period of time.

2.     Cold water system, this process involves production without passing through fire.
The major disadvantage of this method is that the volume does not increase like that of the previous method. Its advantage is that the soap does not shrink, remain the same even under harmattan and does not grow hairs even for years.
All this forms of soap are daily patronize by individual, organization, public places, hospitals, schools, laundry e.t.c it’s a product that if was illegal every body will guilty for its found in every home, office, workshop, banks, hotels, e.t.c the list goes on and on and you can start production and supply to any of the above mentioned establishement. With no much capital needed, no such as chemical expertise, no training, no sitting I will be providing the list of chemicals, the feasibility report, production procedures, packaging, and marketing and more in any type of soap from the list above. You can start in your home, and sell to the readily available markets and make huge profit.
The year is fast coming to an end we are in the first month of the second quarter (its not yet late) you can achieve your goals for this year and be financially stable.
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