How To Run A Mini Cement Depot And Earn Hugely

 One of the best and easiest business in Nigeria is cement supply and building material business, with no qualification needed anyone could start/venture into this business and assured of making huge profits. for long have been the question and the search for clues and information on how to start  cement business in Nigeria without finding any substantial details due to one reason or another.
 In simplification, i will in this article therefore provide you with all the information in details based on research, how to start up and earn from cement  cement business anywhere in Nigeria without wasting any of your time.

let us first consider, before going into the details this business entails, the potential and advantages and likewisely the profit margin in this business.

A bag of Dangote cement from the factory goes for N1,000 with the minimum buy of one trailer load (600 50kg bags) quantity that cost N600,000 only. If you supply the six hundred bags at the retail price of N1600, you will be making profit of 600 x 600 = N360,000 from the single one trailer trip. When you subtract the cost of transportation, your take home becomes N300,000 per trip

If you decide to sell wholesale at the cost of N1,350 to retailers, your profit would be N350 x 600bags = N210,000 from a single trip. When you subtract the cost of transportation, you will be left with N150,000 per trip.

Now tell me - N150,000 to N300,000 gain per trip from investment of N600,000 without complex logistic and workforce, is it a good or bad deal? Write your answer as comment below and let's know how you feel about this. But in my own opinion, I believe it's a very good business.

If you supply 10 Trailers within any period of time, you are going to be smiling home with N1.5m to N3million depending on the method of supply.

Like I said before, it's one sure business that everything in it almost seem guaranteed and I can assure you that people who are already doing it are making good money.

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please drop a comment or your questions below. 

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