Ice Cream Production Business

One of the businesses you can do and profit within a short period of time is the business of production and sales of frozen yogurt (ice cream). The start-up capital is negligible and is very easy to start up and should be possible from home. You can begin with not exactly N10, 000 and the raw materials are promptly available in the Nigerian market. The raw materials are cheap, the net revenue (profit) is high and that makes it an extremely lucrative business.

Ice cream is nutritious refreshment taken by kids and grown-ups alike. It contains nutritive starch as sugar, fats, protein and minerals and so on. Ice cream is appreciated by both grown-ups and kids particularly in the urban communities. It is then again, consumed more in the dry seasons. This is another product taken by very nearly everyone because of its sweet taste.

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How you'll profit from the production and sale of Ice Cream

These are a few routes in which you can unobtrusively profit from this business:
- Selling straightforwardly from your stand to potential clients
- Outdoor/catering for gatherings and occasions
- Special conveyances to homes and workplaces

Start up Equipments and Costs
Ice cream making machine –
Cooler/Freezer –
Furniture –
Rent –
Gen set –
Others -
Complete = ………….

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ice Cream  

  production procedure/feasibility report/business plan on ice cream production


  •   Step  by step how to produce quality Ice Cream
  • The equipments and raw materials required for ice cream production
  • ·  The hardware required for the ice cream production
  • ·  Where to purchase your equipments
    ·  Where to purchase your ingredients
    ·  Packaging
    ·  How to market your
    ice cream 

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