Saturday, 25 July 2015

Enterprenuer- The Need to Be Your Own Boss

 Be Your Own BossGrowing up, I saw many families go from rich or average living to poor or living from hand to mouth kind of life. Some friends’ family had been victimized of this and it has been due to problem of lost of jobs. am sure you have witnessed or heard of families or individuals fall to the mud after they lost their job(s).
            Recently Government workers (civil servants) are complaining due to the inability of government to pay salary, many states where involved, some are even yet to pay as we speak, - all this and more are the disadvantages of working for orders. My family wasn’t left out years back when my father was displaced from work and my mother was then pursuing a NCE certificate, though the bounty savings, it wasn’t enough to hold up till he secures another job as we all know that getting a job in Nigeria is a far cry. I have taste of it so I ask why go for the better when you can easily get the best.
            Financial security you alone can give yourself. It comes not through employment as there is o such thing as financial security in working for others. Society will say “go to school, graduate and get employed and be financially secured then get married.”  Now let’s see the story of a graduate, who after getting employed thought he has been secured financially for every month there will be an alert of a thousand hundred, financially secured as he thought went on to get married and just months after marriage was displaced from his place of work. People will say oh he married the wrong girl (tell me what you will say through the comment box). He wasn’t displaced because he lost his work value, intelligence, smartness, nor ideas. If he had only cultivated his farm and not another’s, you would agree with me that he would surely have harvests. Why spend years in school (for the graduate) and come out just to work for others? Why use your ideas, smartness, brilliancy, intelligenc and your genius to enrich others without even a thank you? Are you a dropout? Never seen the four walls of the university? Or among the third class then you’re the candidate of success, its left for you either to have that success in your own pot or in another’s, . that you are where you are ( maybe not where you wanted) is not a restriction or maybe your afraid of failing or have failed before as an entrepreneur. Hey guess what? Many have failed just like you  your not the first so is not a bad thing, but note many that failed then now have success, failure can’t stop you(believe me). Bill Gates years back failed but where is he now- as a pronounced figure and a number in the list of the world richest men. He failed as he tells us
            “I failed in some subjects in exam but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft”- Bill gate
You just have to be your own boss please I beg of you , be your own boss if not for yourself for your generation(laugh).
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