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Cosmetics Products

The skin is the most conspicuous part of the human body; it’s the largest organ that says more of a person than the mouth thus the reason for high maintenance to avoid wearing of the skin. Lately several skin disease have been around and research shows that the major cause of this disease are lack of maintenance and proper care for the skin. Individually effort has been made to improve one’s skin condition; this effort is made effective through the use of body creams to nourish the skin and to keep it health.
Body creams and other skin care product are fashion items. The use of body creams in our daily live is no joke especially to the ladies as they understands the importance of body creams and lotion in enhancing their looks and appearance and as such the market for body cream production is a really decent one as almost everybody on the planet utilizes some sort of skin care product (lotion, cream, and body butter and moisturizer etc). Cosmetic production is a high profiting business - and in spite of what you may have listened, you needn't bother with a degree in chemical science or a million dollar research facility to begin.
The production of creams and cosmetic product is a no doubt a profitable venture for anyone to go into in any country or region, with the high population of citizens the market is huge and guarantee profit you can You can start production with no past experience or capabilities. If only you can adhere to simple instruction we will be providing for you, can make any of the accompanying nonessential equations and be en route to turning into the next MAC, Revlon or Lush:
Do you want to start producing creams and other cosmetic product for personal use or for sale or do you want to invest into it and make a business out of it, then this article is meant for you. With the following steps you will be on your way to produce more quality products that those you patronize in the market.
Cosmetics Products

Maybe your still asking this question let me clear you doubt.
Personally, tell me how many cosmetic product do you consume a month?, how many did the girl next door consume? Now do the math equating it to the millions of citizens around you (perhaps you should double it for the ladies). Again it’s not just about the consumption alone, a business is profitable not only on consumption but also how often and if the consumer can do without the product. Now can ladies do without cream and cosmetics? It’s the same with guys, we all depend on these products for good and healthy skin, we don’t mind the hype in price on the scarcity of this product we need it and bond to get it. With this you can see that this is lucrative businesses that have the slimmest chance of falling if done right.

How to start---
Firstly, training; to start up production one need training to ensure production of quality product. We will be providing you with all the training to will need to start production.
Starting up on small scale below are the required equipment
Stainless steel container or tanks
Heater- for heating
Cooler- for cooling
Mixer - for mixing. High spinning turbo propeller.
Paraffin wax
Petrollem jelly
Liquid paraffin
Production procedures
Measure 400 grams of petroleum jelly into stainless steel, heat and stir gently till it melts completely, add 60 grams of paraffin wax with 40cl of liquid paraffin, add lanolin, methyl and propylene desired quantity and make sure they all blend together then cool gradually.
( note this is just an insight. To get started , read down)
Enough said already, what do you need to start your own creams and other cosmetic production business? It's basic and advisable for one to start using and utilizing the proficient and quality production formulas - home made production formulas like the one above for the most part are not suitable for retail or sell. To be worthy of sale, your products must be free of pathogens for the length of their time frame of realistic usability i.e. for the length of their shelf life - more often than not 12-24 months. Homemade products will just last 2-3 weeks (in the fridge), before microscopic organisms begins to develop. You may not generally see that a cream, moisturizer or fluid has begun to create microorganisms, yet unless the corrective recipes and formula were professionally organized, you are verging on sure to have undesirable living beings.

With our quality production formula, you require just basic equipment - blending compartments and measuring/measuring instrument - in addition to a few containers and jugs - and you're ready.

The ingredient and chemicals for production is surprising cheap and inexpensive. Most production includes around 75% water - and the remaining fixings are effortlessly obtainable. You can make some corrective and toiletry items for as meager as 25 pennies. A night cream which retails for more than N1000 more often than not costs not exactly N300 to make. The net revenues are genuinely uncommon - unlike just about any other manufacturing business
So what are you waiting for?
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Professional ingredient used in production, production formula that guarantee quality, how to package your product, marketing etc.
Also in this eBook other cosmetic product is contained with their production formulas. The door is wide open for you nothing can restrict you but just yourself. Order this eBook now.
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Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a prospective Pharmacist but born an entrepreneur with the heart and passion for entrepreneurship and business. He has strong believe in Financial independence, since wealth is a choice like wise poverty, he has decided to make the best of every opportunity and here he preaches the same.