How to Start Fish Farming Business in Nigeria

One of the most popular agricultural businesses in Nigeria is fish farming. Gone are the times when the best manner of getting fish is by catching it inside the local rivers and ponds. Today, the modern-day farm exercise has made it viable to develop fish inside the farms and maximize output. Are you’re interested in starting up a commercial enterprise within the lucrative sector of agriculture? Then below is an in-intensity guide for starting a catfish farming business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. 

Catfish Farming in Nigeria – due to its particular flavor and high nutritional content, catfish delicacies have turn out to be more and more popular in Nigerian houses, eating places and accommodations. These days, the demand for it is lots more than catfish farmers can supply thereby making catfish farming in Nigeria a worthwhile investment to invest into. There’s a lot money to be made in aquaculture (catfish farming, Tilapia fish farming, shrimp, prawn and lobster breeding); if started and managed properly. 

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This is one of such investment you could invest into and nonetheless make big income! You can cross into catfish farming, and achieve success. Catfish farming is a money spinning venture as you may start producing, with a 100% guaranteed return on investment.


Why catfish business is rewarding:
i. Fish is one of the reasonably-priced sources of protein and an excellent replacement for meat. In fact, no meal is consumed in Nigeria without fish or meat. Secondly, fish is a source of white meat and is recommended via health and fitness practitioners over red meat.
 Fishery products is by using some distance the most famous animal merchandise in the marketplace, constituting more than 60% of meat merchandise within the Nigerian market
 The working value for catfish farming (feed and maintenance) may be very low especially when compared to fowl farming.
. Fish sells quicker than every other animal merchandise inside the market and is pretty cheaper than meats, making it the primary choice in terms of affordability
 These days the federal authorities of Nigeria implemented and enforced a regulation banning the importation of frozen fish. This embargo turned into encouragement for the production of fish. Now the reality is that the call for fish cannot be met by way of local manufacturers alone, so there is presently a supply gap waiting to be filled through clever investors who can be ambitious enough to go into fish farming.

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Fish growth is very speedy, also are practices in fish farming making it feasible for farmers to boom. Fastness in their fish growth through giving them positive feeds, making sure you harvest and grow in shortest possible  of time.
There are plenty of recreation facilities in Nigeria particularly restaurants, fast meals outlets and bars; and fish (Fish fry or point and Kill) is one of the favored meals at the menus of those hangouts. You can even make money by being a normal catfish supplier for those eating places and bar.
 Fish farming may be very profitable. With the right business plans and right management, N3 million investment in fish farming ought to easily result to N4 million of pure earnings inside six months.

But, not being over excited with the aid of the profits, the catfish enterprise like every other business requires know-how, collectively with time and effort to make profit. This is because if any of those values is unnoticed, it is easy to run into losses. The good information is that if you observe the easy catfish farming suggestions mentioned in this article, you'll be guaranteed a solid and steady earnings throughout the year as it isn't always a seasonal enterprise.

Small Scale Catfish Farming in Nigeria

Catfish farming is increasingly turning into an appealing shape of agriculture for lots Nigerians especially younger people. Farming fish which belongs to the aspect of agriculture called ‘aquaculture. Catching the eye of many people because of the potentialities of earnings, specifically at glance appear sufficient. This form of agriculture has determined a big fans-base in the main due to the relative ease of culturing catfish, the already available markets for catfish, e.g. with eating places, mainly as catfish is a treasured delicacy among many Nigerian cultures increasing the  profitability and success in catfish venture.
The primary and probably the most crucial key to startup a success catfish farm is the right information. Earlier than embarking on this commercial enterprise task, you ought to endure in thoughts that achievement within the agricultural sector, especially cattle breed isn't instant. So you need to be organized to undergo the demanding situations of the business and hold improving your farm system and breeding technique through the years.

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If you are interested in investing into a catfish farm, then you definitely need to spend money on writing a business plan, which is very critical as it facilitates you, put together and execute your growth techniques well. Secondly, you need a business plan if you intend to elevate capital, or get a loan from the bank to your fish farm. You can get or Order for our experts written business plan and feasibility on this business (continue reading to see how to get it)

Finally, you'll need a marketing strategy to access the various funds and assist line installed by way of the authorities and other group. So begin writing your marketing strategy. You can also get our business plan and feasibility report which also contains the marketing strategy, economic estimates and projections. A feasibility report is essential because it will help you become aware of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and possibilities present in the fish enterprise. it will additionally assist you verify the satisfactory place your fish farm, the overall price it would require to installation the farm and additionally prepare you for the demanding situations in advance.

Catfish farming in Nigeria as a commercial enterprise can be began with as plenty amount of money as you have got. In fact I recommend you begin on a small scale after which grow with experience. As time is going by, you become familiar with tackling the risks worried inside the enterprise. Preliminary capital needed for the development of the pond is for obtaining land and buildings if it isn't self owned, labour, licensing and device. Others include cost of feeds, getting fingerlings, fuel/strength.

Pond construction
Don’ try to construct the pond yourself if you’re not using rubber ponds, without a well constructed pond, your enterprise may not the check of time; and you may grow to be spending extra ultimately! You could go for a plastic pond tank or you could choose constructing the concrete ponds. Many Nigerians worried in catfish farming use concrete ponds or plastic tanks. Each strategy has their strengths and weaknesses and it is clever for the would-be catfish farmer to explore those perspectives earlier than you make a decision on which to adopt. Even as using concrete pond appears to be more herbal to culturing catfish, plastic tanks can come handy in which availability of space is a constraint. The use of ponds also gives the farmer the leverage of culturing especially large range of fishes as pond design may be tailored from the outset to match supposed fish density. Culturing tanks are however constrained in sizes and stuck, thus restricting the catfish farmer to stocking the tanks with a constrained wide variety of fishes for exceptional effects.
African catfish generally takes a median of 5 months to reach table size. At this age they typically have attained a median weight of 1kg. the load attained with the aid of catfish after five months is however variable relying on quite a number of things that could encompass, satisfactory of fingerlings used, satisfactory of feeds, water management pleasant, absence of sickness, stocking density amongst others. It isn't always unusual to have fish weigh up to 1-5kg after five months.

 Water supply

To startup your fish farm successfully, overhead tanks ought to be set up, and borehole needs to be additionally be taken into consideration; as it’s the pleasant supply of water for catfish farming. Rain water and faucet water from chemically handled source isn't always encouraged for fish cultivation. You have to make sure that there's a regular deliver of water on every day basis because the fishes need it. The water gadget should no longer fail although it means you backing it up with a reliable water facility.
  Fish you may Farm
Haven visible, the benefits in addition to the risks concerned in fish farming, permit’s now continue to determine which species of fish we want to farm. Following are a number of the maximum famous fish species this is suitable for Aquaculture.

1. Cat Fish – despite the fact that Catfish is not the maximum popular fish in Nigeria, this fish species is through a ways the maximum cultivated in Nigeria. One aspect excellent about catfish is that it's far one of the easiest fish species to domesticate. So, humans evidently glide to the path of fish species they observed to be the very best to domesticate.

2. Tilapia – second most famous fish in Nigeria’s aquaculture industry, Tilapia is a fish species that lives in fresh shallow water. Tilapia is very easy to domesticate and really popular in Nigerian market, it reproduces very unexpectedly and grows fast too.

Mackerel (Titus) – that is with the aid of far the maximum popular fish in Nigerian marketplace however so unhappy it’s now not farmed. All Mackerel Fish are “wild stuck” however some farmer in Nigeria are thinking about the possibility of creating synthetic salty water on the way to be much like sea water in which mackerel can handiest live on. Can this deep blue sea fish species be cultivated artificially? Time will tell however for now, you have to recognition your interest to Catfish and Tilapia.

Needs to Get started.
1. Land – Any vicinity is right due to the fact that fish doesn’t purpose any environmental disturbance. Look for land in which you can get at reasonably-priced and purchase. Relying at the capability you desires to function on, half of plot of land is simply precise enough for average fish farm. But, you can move for something larger like complete plot or if you can have the funds for it probable for convenience sake. In case you already have a compound with leftover space that can accommodate three or more ponds, you can use it.

2. Assemble Ponds – You need to engage the work of an expert pond creation engineer otherwise you can order for the eBook that give you all specification and construction necessities. The plumbing works have to be well accomplished to ensure right drainage.

Fish (cat fish) Ponds in Nigeria
Juvenile Fish – Get your juvenile from every other farm that focuses on offering it. You want to go for the high yield specie of catfish or tilapia and make sure you are getting it from a wholesome farm.

6. Get training – now not the sort of education you get from sooner or later seminars; you want to get connected to a fish farm for proper apprenticeship. We highly recommend you order for this eBook on this business. You must understand that your investment is at stake, trial and mistakes isn't accurate in commercial enterprise except you have unlimited funds to experiment with. This eBook also stares a feasibility study on a well-known Fish Farm as pattern case study you could observe.

“This feasibility report is prepared for a catfish farm ability of 10,000 and more fingerlings of excessive breed catfish which is to be stocked. The expense from pond production to sale is also considered. The farm is to have 10 concrete or plastic ponds of drift through gadget and every pond (concrete pond) is to include 1,000 stocked catfish.
There is no question that fish farming is very moneymaking and profitable in Nigeria. You need to get it proper by our complete business plan, feasibility report and marketing strategy and following it to the later. Religiously adhering to the steps outlined in this eBook, you are certain to make precise profit from your fish farming commercial enterprise in Nigeria.
The next step: the next and crucial step to take haven read this article to this point is to order for this eBook which will provide and equip you with all you need to start up and earn from this business, it’s not all about deciding to go into agriculture or into catfish farming business in Nigeria. Much need to be done to know all the do’s and do not in this business.  And all this and more we will be providing you in our ebook.
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