How to start a bookshop business in Nigeria and earn handsomely

A bookshop is an outlet with core motive of retailing books either in whole sale or singly to end users. I have received emails and calls with reference to this business, they ask if investing into or if opening a bookshop is a worthwhile investment and not pouring money down the drain, many pleaded that I make post or just publish an article on it. For as many that called or email in request of this information I dedicate this article to you, sorry it took so long. But hey, Abode Business  only make publish of known well fact as we research carry out survey s before letting you know about it. Quickly let’s see reasons why starting up a bookshop in Nigeria are a profitable and factors that makes it profitable.
                With the high population In Nigeria and the everlasting consistent quest for knowledge both by the young and the old the need bookshops is inevitable.
Primarily, how many numbers of nursery, primary and secondary school are in Nigeria?  (read also our article on:-  how to start a private school in Nigeria) and how many pupils are in this nursery, primary and secondary school?- it’s of the saying that nobody goes to farm without cutlass and hoe, also the saying is applicable here as nobody goes to school without books and all this books can only be sourced from bookshops. Equating the demand on books to the demand for pupils in Nigeria, nursery, primary and secondary schools the demand for bookshops I still maintain is highly needed. Previously I have written an outline on how to start exercise book manufacturing business (click through to read).
Secondary, how many number of polytechnics, college of education and universities (both private and government owned) in Nigeria and then how many studies are in this institution of higher and then how many student  are in this institution of higher learning? Jamb statistics reveals that millions student applied for jamb this year and  also the NYSC also have it that  thousands of graduates is being produced by various institution of higher learning all over Nigeria. Of these million students they on daily bases depend on book on different authors for their learning and knowledge acquisition.
Tertiary, how many graduates are in Nigeria? How many MBA, PhD holders are in Nigeria? And how many professors are in Nigeria? They also depends consistently on books for further knowledge or just to broaden their knowledge in this various topic of interest and there again all this books for any of the above mentioned motive are gotten from no other place but from bookshops and stores nationwide.
Conclusion, the needs for books in growing economy like ours can never be overemphasized, books are a daily need (voluntary or involuntary) it’s also a necessity to man just as food is. The success of an economy sometimes depends on the literacy or knowledge of the population. So invariably bookshop s in Nigeria is proven to be rewarding and lucrative for investors.
Factors of profit in this business
Basically bookshop business is of two types based on the stock i.e. bookshop on sale of used books and bookshops on sale of new books.
The former have its challenges I would prefer the later as its entails much profit and easy sales but you can choose otherwise as some people are currently into it and are making it. But before you go into any do some research. Haven decided below are some factors that determine success and its
·         Capital – availability of capital is essential in the type of business as you will need to rent stock and employ sales person’s (optional  if you’re interested)
·         Apartment- now you need a show room or outlet for scale of your books- this can your own apartment or rented apartment depending on the scale your world love to start a one room to hall can be rented.
·         Location- among this entire factor this issue of location shouldn’t be taken lightly as it determines almost 50% of your success in this business. No matter how stock your shop/store is, no matter the quality of books your willing to sell if your shop is located in an isolated area sparsely dense profit will be meager. In sitting your bookstore or bookshop one should consider a location densely populated with pedestrian pathway or busy road better still one should consider a location in major market or best one should consider a location in or near an established learning institution. You can also propose to supply books to schools near you.
Conclusion – the business of bookshop in Nigeria for many reasons is remains a profitable, worthwhile and lucrative investment for as many Nigerians that have passion for books and would want to invest into it. There is so many other information you should consider before venturing into this business such as
 Where to get books- maybe through importation from other countries like US or UK
How to price books to buy
Import policy for books
Where to buy books in whole sale in Nigeria at cheap rate
How to price tag your books
Kind of book niche you would want to specialize
Providing solutions to these questions above will really go a long way to attain success in this business. This and other information you should really consider so I advice you conduct research and ask question before final decision for more information or related question you can email or call me for help or better use the comment box.


  1. Please I can't find ur mail, I have some questions to ask. I'm an undergraduate in FUTA, studying Industrial Chemistry. I want to go into sales of book fully next session. [email protected]

  2. Motivational /Inspirational, Bibles, Christian books to be precise. Thanks

    1. Thanks Sir Egbetola Abass for taking time to visit us. please ask your questions here we will answer it here to in that way it will be of help to all.


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