How to Make Money Online From YOUTUBE

How often have you watched a video(s) on YouTube and laughed and called it dumb? How many times have you watched a viral video that you call sick on YouTube? Or how many times have you made downloads or shared a video from YouTube maybe because you like it or that it simply made you laugh or that you learned from it? But do you know that those videos have actually due to your view and download has added many more 0’s (00000000) to the marker of that video(s).
How great will it be if I tell you can make extra huge income from YouTube, how great will it be for you if I show you how you can just upload you videos on YouTube and make money from it?
Haven’t you heard of the bunch of guys that are making it from YouTube many of them have hit the news for earning above $24000 from you tube just uploading videos of there like, many through just making a walk through for grand theft Auto and more. Are you wondering how this guys and many others have made it , some have even signed advertising contracts with many firms around the world for those firms to advertise under their brands. Well if you’re ready let’s discover how you too can make money from you tube.
 As minimal you can start now and make and expected amount of around $20 dollars for 100 views now that means more view more money. Also if your brand sales you can sign advertisement deals and contracts with companies to promote their products and you will still be earning also doing it.
Enough said already how does it work?
Well if you can get in front of the camera and do just what you know best either, just show your expertise in facial designing /make up, nails painting and other little things your good at that you may think nobody needs, just doing this and doing it well your guaranteed of earning through YouTube via Google ad sense- Google ad sense is a program that allows you to monetize your websites or videos with ads.
Steps to take
Get some gadgets- with reference on your plan of start up you will need to setup gadgets for start up. If really serious about starting and making money through this business then I recommend this step as a thumb rule for as many that really looks forward to have a steady stream of income using YouTube. Your videos should be somewhat of quality, who would love a messy video, don’t just upload videos, your creating a brand  so upload only quality videos don’t just go around getting video clips from your mobile phones. To start up professional as possible and earn smartly requires a decent startup requirements:-
A decent camera
Video editing software (this helps take care of your errors) like Adobe premiere, video maker or iMovie etc
Sound recorder (starting you can simply use sound recorder that comes with camera)
A decent backdrop….And any creativity of your choice that you’re sure will help
Step2: your popularity determines how much you earn; you can’t make money from a video with zero view. In fact the number of views you get on your videos is proportional to your earning that is zero view equals zero earnings. To increase your chances
Choose a profitable niche- just like blogs or website you must choose a niche that best serves your purpose.
Choose a good, easy to remember, short username- your success also depends on your username as often at times the number of click through
Originality- Be yourself! As a rule be your self don’t copy others, well modeling is not that bad but avoid imitation.
Upload regularly- just like blogs you can’t build an audience uploading once in a blue moon upload at least once in three days. Post regularly as this also helps keep you audience coming back for more and invariably increasing you views with in turn increase you earnings.
Note often people just start up an online business to make money, well it’s the plan but don’t make it to obvious. Do something you like, something you have passion for and that can assure positivity and success, don’t just start on a niche you don’t have passion for, for no matter how good you are you would finally lose it. So I advice (maybe not as a rule0 start up something you love. Maybe you like cooking, love talking about dating, health, Entrepreneurship (just like me), comedy, dance, you’re not restricted do just what you know how to do and I assure you. Have you decided?
Then open a Gmail address if you don’t have one, login to YouTube using the email and password for your Gmail address, after logging you will be taken to you dashboard from where you can upload, Edith setting,  manage audience, view trends, subscribers and of cause monetize your videos. Please note as you tube policy you must have a reasonable number of videos and audience before you will be allowed to monetize your video and that is where we come in, we will teach or help you monetize your video having just one view. So just signing in for Gmail, login to YouTube upload at least one video and get back to us on how to monetize your videos  or for us to help you monetize it. 

To ask questions on how to monetize use the comment box below. Also for you comment and contribution use the comment box below


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