Lucrative business of rubber plastic product manufacturing

rubber plastic product

Rubber or plastic product is in our everyday life synonymous to the clothes we wear as we can’t go a day without making use of them. Rubber or plastic product cut across various industries –say food, chemical, petroleum, etc as a packaging input. The market for rubber plastic product is very vast in Nigeria and across making it a lucrative business to invest into as it’s with high profit potentials.

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Plastic products has readily available market, it can be sold locally here in Nigeria, and even to the west, east and northern African countries, the only thing is just to start production.
Raw materials needed for production of rubber plastic materials- by product of petrochemical industries are readily available and are sourced locally due to high abundant of crude oil in Nigeria thus sourcing of material is very easy.
Technical requirements 
Rubber Plastic products production involves making various types of moulds to suit demands of consumers and fixing moulds into machine which uses the raw materials feed into it to form plastic products according to moulds after  undergoing a series of process of waxing, crushing and compression.
Start up involves establishment of factory, company formation, feasibility study and documentation, erection or lease of accommodation, procurement of machinery, sourcing for raw materials and some other inputs that comes before kickoff of commercial production.
Are you serious and business minded, are you in search for a good business to invest in then consider starting up a plastic production business in Nigeria. How lucrative you might still ask? Well look around you, how many rubber products can you see around you, how many have you used today and how much do the cost? Many I know! for literally everything n=is now going plastic/rubber, shoes, racks, ward ropes, foot wears, washers, decoratories, rest rooms, chairs, tables, to mention but a few. The lucrativeness of this business has no bound so I will advice you stop thinking and start acting. Like always we will provide you with all the information and know how needed to get you up and running and attain success. All in an eBook format which can be sent to your email.

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think about it with a little capital, a plant a(which we will detail to you, the price and where they are sold near you and abroad ) of a capacity of 2,400 pieces per day, working for 250 days in a year= 600,000 with each piece for a price of #160 per unit and it = 96 million turnover per annum, with production cost of just 64 million generating a profit of 36 million per annum. This therefore you will agree with me ensure a good means of livelihood for you.
Make the best out of this opportunity now get the detailed business plan and feasibility report on this business which shows how to get started, raw materials and where to get them, machinery and where to get them and every other information down to marketing.
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