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Aluminium Roofing Sheet Manufacturing Business in Nigeria- How to Start.

One of the basic needs of man is shelter and continuous struggles have been made and more is being made to provide these needs through housing and estate. This is among the reasons why real estate has since 19th century is the best investment anyone can ever make. Research shows that undoubtedly, real estate is so profiting for any investor as real estate values tends to increase exponentially with time. In a country with hundreds of million population, how demanding is the need for housing/ shelter and then how profiting is real estate business?

Nigeria has witnessed an increase in real estate as millions of structure as erected and completed daily and no house will be termed complete without roofing ( aluminum roofing) in fact a house won’t be called a house without a roof over it. aluminum roofing sheet are metallic products that is of great value presently due to its use and application on housing the most valued asset to men, a necessity and a want of all men. Aluminum roofing sheet is used in roof parts of building to cover the upper part of building protecting the house from rain, sun rays, animals etc.

the demand for aluminum roofing sheets is so high and far above supply thus, creating a profit room for investors who would like to invest into this lucrative business of aluminum roofing sheet production and leverage on its profits .

Roofing product comes in different types but Nigeria use basically one of the following

- corrugated aluminum

Zinc sheets


Slates and

Aluminum sheet. This article concentrates on aluminum roofing sheet.

Have you ever thought o starting your own production company, do you want to start up a aluminum production firm then this article is for you read on with concentration.

Production of aluminum involves the input of aluminum coils or rolls into appropriate machine i.e. fabrication of aluminum roofing sheets. For coloured aluminum they are passed through colour coating machine with infrared oven which coat and cure acrylic/ polyester paint.


Metal roll former


Colour coating machine

Cutter etc

Nigeria, a country with 5.7% economic growth rate per annum for the past 5 years has witnessed growth in the associated needs of families to own their own homes, totally depending on the real estate market and invariably needs for roofing. conducted survey reveals that over 60% of Nigeria population lives on paid accommodation and thus have urged many investors to invest into the real estate, building accommodation for rents and this building and investors depends on roofing sheet for the completion of buildings.

the need for aluminum roofing sheet in Nigeria and beyond is high and growing thereby becoming a need for citizens, companies and organization making investment into aluminum roofing sheet manufacturing a very lucrative and shot on point( profit) idea.

There is lot to talk about on how to start up a successful aluminum sheet production business and we can’t talk all here as we have limited space. but it’s not a restriction at all as we have prepared the information you need to start up successfully in an eBook format and can be sent to your mail with suit to your interest.

This eBook or e manual on aluminum sheet production business is written in simple English covering all you need to know before investing. It’s a business plan and feasibility report on the said business, covering all requirement of this business. Containing market analysis, product analysis, how to start, cost of startup (capital needed) Etc it is written professionally that you can solicit for loans with it. It have startup project estimation, return on investment and profit projection for 3 years. It discusses issues about workers, number of workers required at each stage of development. it’s a general survey and road map in this business.

To get the eBook

It’s just for a price of N50, 000 (flat fee). This eBook worth more but here you can get it for the giveaway price of 5,000 only. I guarantee all the information you need is contained in this eBook. It’s of 125 pages pdf or msw. It’s a must, for success in this business. To order call 08168710034 or 08180081665 or email @ [email protected] or [email protected] to get bank details for payment. Please not 30 minutes after confirmation of your payment your eBook will be sent to your email address, follow by a text informing you of the delivery. We have showed you the path just work down it to your success. ORDER NOW


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