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The next obvious problem facing many entrepreneur after developing a business model is creating or coming up with a unique business name i.e. a business name that has not been used by others. just like finding a domain name to register because all name seems to have been take or is in use by others.

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In this article we will learn how to create a unique business name / domain name that is yet to be used or taken. Irrespective of the area or type of business the need of a good name cannot be over emphasized as a good name speaks much of a business thus the need to come up with a unique, yet original business name (you wouldn't want to imitate or copy others).

I will categorize this into two sub heading

1. Clipping method

2. Blending method.

A little study of English language under word formation discussed compounding as a major process of word formation. Compounding is divided into clipping and blending also. These two methods I have come to appreciate as they have helped me generate unique names for myself and my clients and i would want it to do for you, so let’s analyze each.

Clipping method of word formation: - clipping as discussed under word formation is the process of forming new word through the omission of some parts of a word.

Example: - AREO. Often we used only the word Aero which originated from the world aero plane.

PHOTO. Often we use only the word photo to refer to images, photo have its origin from the word PHOTOGRAPH. Applying clipping method resulted to the formation of the words- aero and photo etc. the list goes on.

You can utilize the process of word formation to create a unique business name. for instance you want to use your name like My name IKENNA i can clip it to have just IK. apply it. may companies actually utilized this method.

BLENDING METHOD:- this is my best method, most business name i create are often under this process. Blending simply means formation of new words from part of two different words.

Example: - TELECOM- this is a word formed from the blending of parts of the word TELEPHONE and COMMUNICATION. The list goes on; I wouldn’t want to add more.

i used this method to come up with my first business name EUCARL GLOBAL RESOURCES. Considering the one in bold, this how I created it:

My mother’s name is EUGINIA while my father’s name is CARLOS. Dividing this world’s syllabication and applying the above rule of blending leads to the formation of EUCARL. I applied for registration and was rejected three time before I learnt this method and coming up with this name it was approved and registered without delay, domain name is available in fact there is no trace of such name in the whole wide word I originated it and you can do the same. You can apply that as well

the famous business name MICROSOFT owned by Bill Gates was created through this method also.....being a computer-technology company with its development round MICROCOMPUTERS and its development of SOFTWARE . Dividing syllabication and applying the blending method produced MICROSOFT. The list of companies that utilized this method goes own but this is not our aim ours is for you to create yours.

Haven learned this two method you can create unique business names or domain name and still be original. Now you can it as well- guessing your name, name of your parent as in my case of name of your daughters is....................... Applying clipping or blending is sure to give you a unique business name.

Have you learned something from this article? If yes please drop a comment.
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