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How to Start a Cooking Gas Refilling Station in Nigeria

 Cooking Gas

Majority of the Nigerian population are now turning to the use of cooking gas as a source of heat for heating and cooking all kinds of home delicacies, eateries foods, occasional meals and every other meal due its advantage over other method cooking (like use of fire wood etc). Use of gas cookers or gas itself in cooking makes cooking faster, achieved in short time, neatness and more hygienic, above all more economical than most other methods. Families and individuals now turn to the use of gas either for one or for all of these reasons among other to achieve all their cookery purposes. There has been a recorded increase in the consumption of liquefied gas in Nigeria due to the increase in the number of homes and individuals using gas cookers, also the Nigerian government as a measure to discourage deforestation which results in global warming and desert encroachment among other necessities for good and health environment is continually encouraging the use of liquid gas for cooking.
Therefore, this leads to an increase in demand for cooking gas and provides a gap for interested inventors to fill and make huge profit from this growing business. The market for cooking gas is already there, considering the 165 + million population of Nigeria with daily need of cooking, the number of eateries, bakery and confectionaries establishment in Nigeria that are in constant need of the cooking gas  for either cooking or other purpose. Cooking gas which is mainly made of methane gas are also used as fuels and in petrochemical industries for the manufacturing of chemical additives and other industrial need chemical; Making the demand for cooking gas in the next possible future to increase rather than decrease.
How to start:
As a starter, or assuming you are hearing about this business for the first time (which I know you’re not) you would definitely ask yourself questions like: what measures is use, How do you establish?, How do you refill a patron’s fuel cylinder?, place to buy from?, How to handle cylinders? How much will I buy and at what price do I sell? What is my profit? Etc
The questions above are essential and also you surely have to provide answers to them before investing a dime into the cooking gas retail business. This is thus the need for investing time to be taught the intricacies of the cooking gasoline retail trade.
Proper Information is one of the keys to success in any business. You without doubt are not able to plunge into an unknown industry terrain and hope to search out success within the shortest period of time. So I advice you invest time to get the elemental information’s about this business.

Get a business plan:
No matter how rewarding a industry notion or opportunity would appear, writing a business plan and marketing strategy is very important, because it displays many predominant details that you could be now not have paid attention to.
Writing a business plan and marketing strategy provides you with some insight into the feasibility of the trade in your locale, the desired begin-up capital, the expenses of jogging the business, the market and competitors, and different very predominant causes.
Get a good location
After the fundamental homework, you must to find an proper piece of property for what you are promoting. When you consider that of the hazardous nature of cooking gas, most federal and state governments have laid-down rules related to the website of a cooking gas retailing industry. So it is very principal that you just discover the rules that observe for your state or nation concerning property for use for cooking gas retailing. A good concept is to consult an legal professional.
One more component you're going to have to remember when determining a area is your market. It is foremost that you locate your small business just about the place there are numerous potential patrons. For illustration, locating such business as cooking gasoline retailing in a rural area is a nasty proposal.
However, some just right locations to web site your cooking fuel retail store are residential areas (majorly dominated by using the core classification), excessive institutions (scholars now opt for cooking with fuel than kerosene when you consider that gas is odorless, smoke-free, cooks faster and final longer), amusement centers such as accommodations, eating places and quick meals shops.

Startup Capital –
 Cooking Gas
 in accordance to words of specialists (people who are already in the business) one can conveniently start with N100,000  to N300,000 and be equipped to purchase greater than 20 cylinders, get you a store, and buy the initial merchandise. The rate of save in this regard relies on the region. If you happen to make a decision to find your business in a highbrow discipline, you are going to spend way more money to get a shop however the fee will probably be good valued at it.
Employ workers : getting an experienced worker is essential for proper running and managinging of this business. if your to manage it your self then you will need to get a traning, or get connected to any experienced retailers or even depots for approximately six months to study the foremost rudiments. You ought to study the right way to replenish the cylinder, how one can transfer, methods to change valve. And the whole thing crucial that you just ought to understand in regards to the industry. You equally have to recognize the place and  purchase cylinders.
possible Challenges of Starting a Cooking Gas Retail Business
Gas is a highly inflammable product and just one little mistake can result to an explosion; and a corresponding loss of lives and properties. So it is important you maintain a high safety standard in your premises and refill your customers gas tanks in open places. You should also place fire extinguishers strategically throughout your store and be sure to get insurance cover BECAUSE You will be dealing with an inflammable product.
If your business is sited in a region where the standard of living is poor and the inhabitants use more of firewood and kerosene stove, then your business is already a failure from the start. So try to site your business in a positive economic area with working class residents. You can also target restaurants, fast food outlets, etc; as these ones need a steady supply of gas as your sales is highly dependent on the economic situation of your region
The price of gas changes constantly
In the course of refilling your gas tanks and those of the customers, you are bound to inhale at least a minimal dose of gas. This will not affect your health in anyway but when you inhale these small doses of gas over a long period of time, your health and life becomes endangered. A good way to protect yourself and your body is to buy gas masks and put them on when refilling the You are exposed to health hazard

Additional tips for running a cooking gas retail business
a. Always handle cooking gas and all equipment with caution. Cooking gas is a hazardous gas that could cause a fire outbreak if not well handled. Never allow smokers and open flame in and around your business location.
b. Always respond promptly to any correspondence from your state or country’s regulatory agency, as faltering in this regard may attract huge fines or cost you your license.
c. Always keep in touch with your attorney to ensure that you remain compliant with current laws.
d. Always stay in touch with your suppliers, they will notify you of current trends and price changes. Remember that the price of gas fluctuates with respect to the price of other household cooking commodities such as kerosene and coal.
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