Online Training Portal For Snail Rearing,Catfish Farming Soft Skills etc Launched in Nigeria

Its not what you know that matters is what you do with what you know, and in this age information is power. getting the right information and the rightful application is success. have you ever wanted to start a snail farming, catfish rearing, Quail farming business or have you ever wanted to become your own boss or self made if you could get someone to train you? if yes then this is your opportunity as 3-ALPHA GTC proffers the solution you need - get all the information and training you need on snail, quail, catfish farming and other soft skills etc  right from where you are with cetificate at the end of every course.


"You are indeed most welcome to avail yourself of our Affordable Life-changing Online Training Solutions to   better position yourself for the evolving new world.

3-ALPHA Global Training Consult (3-ALPHA  GTC)  is a world class soft-kills, personal development  and  entrepreneurial cum business training outfit.  The Company was established based on our conviction that to succeed in today's world, individuals must be able to multi-task in whatever environment they find themselves.

The social, political and economic climate around the world is fluid and continues to evolve such that has made it imperative for individuals and indeed households to have many sources of income as a guard against unforeseen circumstances.

The foregoing presupposes individuals that are multi--skilled and are able to adapt and adjust to known and unforeseen financial and economic situations.3-ALPHA GTC is therefore positioned to  help individuals  to fill-in the gap such that would enable them obtain necessary skills and know-how to face the challenges ahead.

We are a division of the prestigious 3-ALPHA Integrated Global Resources with Head Office in Dubai U.A.E, and operational business presence in United Kingdom and Nigeria.  Our business interests span diverse areas of human endeavours.

The expertise and business areas of  3-ALPHA Integrated Global Resources include Aviation; Farming & agro-allied services; Food/drinks & water production; Oil & gas;      
Safe-city surveillance & security solutions;  Construction; Real estate; Finance & cooperative; ICT/Hi-tech solutions;
Events management; Digital media solutions; photography & video production; road & water transportation as well as hotels and resorts.

Our Group is foremost and well positioned around the world with products and services that are creating success opportunities for individuals and businesses".

There are currently five (5) courses on the portal;

> two (2) Self-Development Courses and
> three (3) are Agro Case-Study Courses.

The Self Development Courses are:-

1.  Be Your Own Boss Softskills
2. Become Self-Made Softskills

The Agro Case-Study Courses are:

1. Catfish Farming:-Silent Route to Millions.
2. Snail Rearing:-Cool  Millions from Home.
3. Quail Bird farming:-The Untapped Money Spinner

You are just Three (3) Steps away!!!

  1. Check available COURSES and make your choice(s)
  2. Register and run the FREE lessons of your selected course(s).
  3. Make payment and run the rest of your Course modules.

To benefit from this laudable feat and get yourself prepared for the future, please visit:

If you've challenges accessing the free lessons,
You can also contact the facilitator : - 0703 810 05224
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