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Power of a Proposal- Hire Us to Write a Compelling Proposal for You


In this complex business world a business success is often depends on proposal, we have past the era where lands was the order and also have we past the industries days where industries was the order. We are in the information age and sooner we realize this better as information is the order. Getting just the right information to work for you is what success in this is our age.

Gone are the days where you need to own plots of land or have billions of dollar/naira to startup a billion dollar/naira worth of business. What you might need is just a well written proposal. Do you have a great business idea? A business model that you’re sure will be successful? Then why wait? You don’t need to wait for the money to come because money never seems to come in its required amount most times besides we are needful creatures so why don’t you start with a proposal-

Am not left out as I started with one, I always tell my clients I started with just a proposal. when I heard about bulksms and I needed to own my own bulksms website I had no money besides then I was just a secondary school graduate so all I need was to write a good proposal (thanks to my writing skills) I submitted it to individuals( planning to have weeding or any other ceremony), company’s, schools and churches etc . I was amazed to find out that few of this companies knew about bulksms then- I made a lot of money just sending bulksms as I charge 4 naira ( the normal charge for textmessage0 while I pay 0.99kobo to 1 naira per number i.e. 3 naira and above per number- the power of proposal.

Need another example- 2013 I wrote a motivational book, I gave it out to my pastor, and later to a university English lecturer and both confirmed its worth as my lecturer said “it will Move Market”. I wanted to publish it since then but the cost was in higher hundreds of Naira  and I don’t that to spend ( having many project at hand) recently on my birthday this year I was thinking of my life, achievement and it came to my knowledge that am yet to publish the book though I have written many more. I thought to myself why write when none gets published and have only friends and family read them and tell you how splendid they think it is?  

I picked up a pen and in less than one hour I drafted out a proposal to a stated company, in the proposal I offered one year full advertisement on my websites and free review in this blog and advertisement on the cover photo of the book and boom they accepted even without reading the book- power of proposal.

Do you want to do real business- then you need a proposal. Do you need to make supply of your business to hotels, churches, schools, supermarkets etc or to sell your goods to major companies in Nigeria or abroad? Then you need a good proposal. Just an idea is not enough. Do you need proposal for sponsorship? Then hire us. 

Recently I wrote a nine (9) page proposal for  sponsorship for a friend that wants to host a pageant show and he has been calling to say thank you many times as a company’s he submitted to have accepted to sponsor his beauty pageant.

Do you need a compelling business proposal for?





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