How To Start A Snail Farming Business

snail farming business

Snail farming also called Heliculture, is simply the domesticating snails at home, making them feel as though they are in their natural habitat (home). Heliculture is quite a lucrative enterprise that's yet to be appreciated in the Agro industry, because very few are conscious of its profit potential. But the bright few in the business discovered this, and are making a fortune.

Snails are seen by individuals here and there, Some people take it but quite a number don't know how to go about rearing them. This can be made worse because snails, which belong to the family of animal is a hermaphrodite- It has both the female and male sexual organs one cannot actually distinguish between its female and male specie.

But the simple fact is the fact that snail farming is as easy as ABC. The sole thing the snails may always demand from you is the attention and care. Themselves barely fall sick. You do not have to purchase their food and you may not need to spend much to assemble a Pen (House) . The wonder of it is the snails reproduce rapidly; they are effective at producing countless eggs, which hatch into snails. It is now possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. That is made possible because of the accessibility to really tremendously prolific ACHATINA. ACHATINA species of snails, which lay 200400 in one batch 2-3 times a year. There is the urgent demand for Nigerians to really have a radical shift on government for occupation from complete dependence to self-employment. Certainly one of such alluring place for self-employment is snail rearing. It truly is a great money-spinning company that provides a substantial supply of protein to complement carbohydrate meals that are Nigerian. Unfortunately Nigerians where thousands have already made their bundle disposition to go into company has led to the ulter negligence of such successful section of snail farming in Nigeria or export at international marketplace.


-- The demand for snail is more compared to supplies as such snail's market potential is not exhaustible and globally.
-- This technology has really been approved to be most lucrative farming enterprise presently, as it requires far less capital investment, while much gain has been generated in a short interval that was substantial.
-- Nearly every part is of critical use in Food, Pharmaceutical industry, production and fishing businesses.
It truly is a foreign currency income earner. Our climate is among the best in snail breeding.
-- Snail farming requires the running cost as well as small capital is very low, therefore their feeds are extremely local
-- Snail company really is a JEWEL in the livestock business. So benefit from the opportunity of being among the forerunners in this unbeatable enterprise.
-- you are able to handily earn income a higher than your current making. Since your present job will not demand much time you'll be able to keep it and do this.
-- This is a genuine export market without you running from pillar to post, that brings in foreign revenue.
-- This is just not fiction but factual. Not fantastic but a fact.
-- No pressure, no time consuming, no noise no odour with no annoyance.
-- Snail farming is a feasible and practicable enterprise yet unexplored in Nigeria. It is going to work in Nigeria, if it's worked elsewhere.


There exists a ready market for snail, globally and locally. They is only going to need your guarantee of routine supply weekly. There's also great marketplace for snail meat in the international marketplace if only you'll be able to do a packaging that is good. It's possible for you to make millions from this vast and inexhaustible market. Snail farmers are making huge gain as the global need for the delicacy increases. In Nigeria the prices of raw, matured snails goes for N250 to N600 determined by the size. The international trade in snails is flourishing in Europe, France, China, and North America. The usa imports more than $5million worth of snails per annum from throughout the world, including Nigeria. France additionally demands about 15000 metric tons per annum.

At this point you see that this really is a chance for one to get loaded. You don't have to go in search of Job when you can conveniently make millions of naira right at your backyard on bases that are part-time and with little capital.
The snails reproduce rapidly. They've been effective at creating more than 300 eggs. It's now possible to produce snails that are 1,000,000 worth more than N20 million twice a year.

Snail meat has been consumed by people worldwide since prehistoric times. A current study has revealed that the glandular substances could be of worth in fighting with various ailments, including whooping cough. Snails also can be helpful to Asthmatic patients.

If you're seeking a company which you would have you raking in millions within a short while and should start with very little capital, then you should really start looking into Snail farming. Would you understand that you can also export snail both in large and small scale?

Well, you're likely to learn everything you need to know in this post. Even though this post is using Nigeria as case study, the techniques, approaches as well as ideas shared here can be executed in virtually any nation of the earth; whether Ghana, United States, Canada, U.K, etc.

Why you need to begin a Snail Farming Business Now

  •   With a population of over 160million individuals, and eateries scattered all around the nation; then starting a snail farming business in Nigeria is actually a clever move as the demand cannot even be fulfilled by the existing local farmers.
The feeds are readily available and also you can also create yourself to it as snails feed. You can not start large out of your backyard and grow from there.
  •   because of its high nutritional value, snails have become a very popular delicacy.

  •   Snails are also a good source of protein. Snails are very popular among weight watchers as they are extremely low in fat and calories. Snail meat is likewise very good for people afflicted by cancer cardiovascular diseases and individuals trying to recover from an injury.

You'd need some snails to start up your snail farm and also you need to ensure in perfect condition as well as they are productive. The best spot to source for your first stock is in the bushes. Snails gotten straight from their natural habitat are in the very best condition since they haven't been exposed to too much sunlight which would dehydrate them and cause them to become less fertile.

In case you feel getting snails from the bush would be too much of a strain for you, then you can get snail eggs in the market and cover them up with wet sand inside it with cocoyam leaves in a plastic bowl and leave them to hatch.
The hatching process would take about 21-28 days you then watch your snails multiply in amounts because snails reproduce rapid and in large numbers and can begin feeding and taking care of one's infant snails. You should learn about the various species of snails and which ones are best for raising, before you rush off to the marketplace to get your snail eggs.
The Achatina Achatina is, in addition, easy to locate.

Snail feeding
Snails are very versatile feeders. They could feed on anything from leaves to fruits. Snails can feed on eggplant leaves together with cocoyam leaves, okra and cassava leaves, cabbage, lettuce, pawpaw. Snails can also feed on fruits like tomatoes, banana, pawpaw, mangoes and pears.
There are specially invented snail feed in the market that you may use to feed your snails for productivity and improved growth.

  Picking your snails
It is vital to handle them carefully, when harvesting your snails. You can pick them or in a carton to be carried to the point of sale. Don't overload the containers. 10 kg in every container is simply okay so that the snails do not get hurt or stressed.

  Marketing your snails
There are different advertising chances for snail farmers. You are able to sell them to hotels and restaurants that have snail meat or sell to market men or girls who will buy them from you in wholesale amount. It is also possible to process your snails to other nations for export.

Challenges of Beginning Snail Farming in Nigeria
The opportunities in snail farming far outweigh its challenges / difficulties. Apart the challenges of raising capital, obtaining a great place to back the snails, getting advertising and their feeds your snails; the sole concern you could confront is the issue of pests such as ants, termites, hawks, etc. Snails scarcely fall ill.

In conclusion, I want one to be aware of that snail farming is a very profitable business guaranteed to bring an enormous source of income to you in a brief period! Venture. I bet you won't repent it! Get our ebook which will equip you with the info you have to begin.

Conclusively, I would advice one to give it a daring trial and you're certain of being on your approach to some sound financial liberty and freedom you so much desire; if you judiciously and religiously use the principle highlighted in the ebook, with good luck and Almighty God's blessing and guidance, success is ensured.

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1. Important reasons for snail breeding

2. Economical significance of snail

3. Medicinal value of snail

4. Site building and location of the pencil

5. Other types of Home snails

6.The best way to have the species that is proper to begin your personal farm

7. Hatching/ incubating care of creation and the Hatchlings of snail eggs.

8. Snails' Foes and Disorders

9. The Break Down price of beginning a Snail farm

10. Stocking capacity

11.Organizations that were significant to be reached in snail company

12. Overview of snail breeding secrets that are contemporary

13. The future prospect of raising a lot more and snails!

14. What's snail?

15. What's snail farming?

Bonuses include. Only if you act now or before the year runs off.


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