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Rabit Farming: Commercial Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria

Rabit Rearing

How beautiful will it be to start a rabbit farm? what ever be you answer, are you aware that rabbits may also be an excellent supply of additional income? Yes, these furry pets can in fact be sold and supply you with cash. If you know all these then you can make money by starting a rabbit farm.
Do not even think of starting a rabbit or continuing until after you have read this message...

How would you like to start raising rabbit "the appropriate manner" and fully AVOID hundreds of hours of frustration and wasted time that many newbies starting their rabbits project encounter?

If you have been raising rabbits for a little while as a hobby, have it occurred to you that you could make a little cash raising them. The idea may have even occurred to you that you can make a lot of money raising rabbits. After all, two
rabbits will be 200 in a brief amount of time, right?
Perhaps yes, maybe no.
Rabbits hold the capacity to be one of the more prosperous species. They often give birth to large litters, and offspring grow fast and reach market or breeding weight faster than just about any other species. They need small considerable space compared with most other species, plus they are often quiet, non demanding animals.

However you will find several things you should think about before making the jump into starting a rabbit farm for profit instead of as a hobby.
At the current time there's a higher demand for rabbit meat but not nearly enough suppliers. Many restaurants are adding it to their menus in an effort to be more European. There are a few grocery stores that take rabbit meat but most are unable to, due to the dearth of supply. Research facilities and universities also buy a lot of rabbits for medical research and testing. So with all this demand, why could it be so difficult to make a living off rabbits?
Bottom line, because RABBIT FARMING IS REALLY A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS. A high number of those would need to be managed to earn big benefits. It's very difficult to make significant cash from breeding rabbits, unless you are a commercial breeder with numerous rabbits and on a breeding program that is constant. The yields may be low when the expenses of employing staff for the care of the rabbits and for cleaning are taken into consideration.

There can, nevertheless, be tremendous profits in raising rabbits, if you're lucky enough to maintain the market for rabbit serum, or blood which has been cleaned. This is blood that is close to an individuals blood and consequently in very high interest in medical research. This blood can be sold for $15,000 a gallon or higher. Nevertheless, getting your name on the set of sellers that are biomedical is difficult; it is almost impossible you will have in order to supply an extremely sizeable quantity of rabbits.
Thus, can there be any gain in rabbit farming? Spending by raising your own meat at the grocery store on meat, simply, is exactly the same as making a profit. That is money that remains in your own pocket and this could be described as a gain. And as said earlier, this is exactly the same as making a profit.

As with any small business success won't be reached by you overnight. You should be able promote and to manage the rabbits. You'll also have to learn how to budget. So, there can be profits in raising rabbits made, but like anything else, it will take discipline and work. In our opinion, a particular quantity of rabbits are needed to be created annually to reach gains.

The Good News is that raising rabbits can in fact be rather simple and inexpensive, after you have acquired the proper wisdom and abilities that the project requires. Regrettably I do have some bad news... while raising rabbits might be reasonably simple and affordable when you understand what you doing many times it can literally take years of dedication and tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket to get to that stage.
In order for the cost (feed, utilities, materials etc.) of the meat produced by a rabbitry to be equal to or greater than that spent at the grocery store; each doe needs to raise out a minimum of 35 fryers per year. Using the mating practices that are above, the doe, if stock that is great, should create between 50 to 60 kits per year. How many kits which are truly increased out will be decided by how good of a mother the doe is and from the occupation which you do.

How to start-

How do you begin a rabbits farming business?Are you in need of a sample rabbit farming business plan? don't worry , i will provide detailed business plan and feasibility report so read on.

Rabbits farming company like other live stock farming can be very successful for an entrepreneur with a gift or a passion for animal husbandry. It's no expensive venture. Starting a rabbit farming business requires little cash unlike other business, instead it requires that the entrepreneur have a knowledge about animal husbandry.
It is also essential that you are enthusiastic about creatures aside the knowledge. If not, then get a person who adores spending time with animals.

The Potentials and Profitability of Rabbit Farming

  • Rabbits are productive in nature
  • As it's medically recommended over red meat rabbits meat is highly in demand. 
  • Rabbits require minimal handling and usually are not competitive
Below is a blunt guidance on how to begin a commercial rabbit farming business without wasting your time.

1. Consider the availability of breeding materials
If you are thinking about investing in this company, it's crucial you know just how to acquire your materials at an extremely minimal cost. These substances includes "the rabbits, breeding cages, feeds, concentrates, etc because all these are what are regarded as the raw materials there are required for the business.

2. Get the essential understanding of rabbit care
That is essential to avoid unnecessary loss because of diseases and high mortality. Get to know everything you can about rabbits, to their own gestation period, feeding design, etc. from their common disorders and ailments You can get this information by carrying out an internet search on the internet or visiting with your local library and reading up about rabbits.

3.This is extremely important especially if you're likely to breed rabbits on a commercial scale. You must factor in every possible details including your fiscal overhead cost and profit possibility.

4. Determine on where to place your rabbits
It is necessary that a rabbits house be wide enough, in order to give opportunity for the young ones as well as expansion and the growth of the business. Rabbits can be kept in hutches or in cages. The rabbit cage should be built in this way that the
rabbits will be shielded from rain and direct sunlight.

5. Feeding

rabbits feed on grasses like potato, elephant grass, shrubs, leaves and herbs or either compounded feed. They must be allowed at least two times a day to food. 24 hours a day must be not made unavailable for them by clean drinking water. Regular basis must be cleaned for the sake of the wellness of the rabbits. To be able to prevent wasting the feed it is best to study their exact daily ingestion of feed that is compounded.

6. Creation

rabbits are productive in nature and they do multiply quickly. rabbitsare with the capacity of copying seven times in a year. In one place, the doe and the buck ought to be held for reproduction to take place to conjugate. After that, you will need to separate them.

7. Factor in your total expenses
Running and starting a rabbits breeding business is not all that pricey but, you still must do everything possible and everything within your power cost in such a way that it will not change your gains in the company. try mapping out strategies to maximize your profit.

8. Advertising your
Start with creating awareness among individuals starting with friends, your families as well as coworkers, hotels, restaurants, eateries etc. Let them know about the nutritional value of rabbits together with the economical importance.

 Nevertheless, it is advisable that you simply carry out more research on your own even before you invest a dime in setting up your rabbits farm. You have to understand the amount of demand as well as the market strategies; as this will allow you to avoid unnecessary loss and regrets. And to help you on that we have packaged an the business plan and feasibility report in an ebook format and can be sent to your email.

Before you consider directing and starting a rabbit farming company on your own, you should Order for this eBook as it will help you assess and ascertain whether franchising will be worth while. If you're able to get a franchise, then why start from scratch.

to get this ebook email us @ [email protected] OR [email protected] also you can call me @ 08168710034 or 08180081665.

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